You Were Not Born Addicted

I would like to write about something I am passionate about. I truly belive, no not just believe, I know that people are not born bad people. There is nothing I dislike more than a lack of compassion and understanding towards others. Every day the news is full of reports of bad things people have done. I do not desire to give these people an excuse as there are consequences for every wrong action. However, this does not exempt us from trying to understand and have compassion. I can’t stand it when people say the meanest things about people with serious addictions like pornography. These people were not born with these addictions and they definitely did not have it in their genetic makeup to be addicted. Anyone, I repeat, anyone can become addicted to anything.

Speaking from experience I will say that if you grew up in a family where you were exposed to addiction then you will be more vulnerable. Also, just as you are what you eat, I believe you are what you think, meaning your thinking can physically change the structure of your mind and play an active role in your health and well-being. This is different from blaming genetics which is basically saying that a person is born with a certain genetic makeup and is more prone to be addicted. That’s false and takes away responsibility so that particular person can be stuck in the “victim” state for the rest of their life thinking “that’s the way I’m made so I guess that’s all I can expect of myself”.

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So when people watch the news and say things like, “some people are just born that way” or “people like that should be killed because they will just keep doing the same thing”, I get very upset and offended. People are not born that way, they become that way, and because they became that way they can change for the good as well. Of course if they are not willing to change then we cannot force them to change but I’m talking about those who are willing to change. Yes it will take patience but it can happen.

Just remember, just because you have made some mistakes doesn’t mean you are a bad person. You are not defined by porn addiction . Remember this quote; “Your future is spotless, so tie yourself to your potential and not your past.” As long as we are stuck dwelling on the past we cannot progress. Also, as long as we focus on other’s mistakes instead of their potential it makes it difficult for them to progress as well. The reason this is difficult to do is because of the guilt and the pain associated with the mistakes. It becomes difficult to beleive in yourself because you now have to have faith in a better you that you haven’t seen in awhile. So this is not going to be the easiest thing to do but it does get a little easier with every day.

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Don’t listen to those who would bring you down with their words to make themselves feel better. Besides, psychology has proven that people are usually guilty of whatever they are accusing you of. You’re not in this to please others. You’re striving to do better for your own peace and happiness. Trust me, people will notice and try to discourage you in anyway they can, mostly negative words. It makes no sense most of the time why people are like this but it happens, so be ready for opposition as you climb out of darkness and become happier than everyone around you. You’ll appreciate the day more after such a long night in addiction 🙂

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  1. The messages on this site are from someone who has wrestled with this issue. Without sounding boastful I want to say I have recently discovered some of these same things and I think I will pray that people find this information and trust what is said. I cannot express how much the content here resonates and I have not read everything.

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