There is no Magic Pill or Quick Fix

I know how it feels to want a quick way out of addiction. For years I was looking for the end all solution that would make everything all better in a hurry. However, porn addiction is like many other things in life, there is no quick fix or magic pill. I had to write this post because I see more and more people looking for a quick way out and I see more websites offering a supposed quick solution.

I have received comments and questions about different herbs and drugs that can help someone overcome addiction. There are some things out there, including herbs and prescribed medications, than can help reduce sex drive. However, these things will not cure you of your addiction. They may work for a time but it will be a false sense of success. I repeat, drugs and herbs will not bring long lasting success. Not only that but decreasing your sex drive is a bad idea since these urges of the body, when used correctly, are what can bring us so much joy and motivation in all of life’s activities. Trust me, I tried herbs and felt so melancholy and unmotivated.

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Here is a quote I live by now: “NO QUICK FIX – When it comes to CHANGE, slow is fast and fast is slow. Ironically, the search for a quick answer delays the process you will eventually have to go through. If you try to go too fast and skip-over the necessary steps, you’ll slow down the whole process. But if you go slow and CHANGE one step at a time—that IS the fastest way.” — Anonymous

The best and fastest way to overcome a porn or sexual addiction is through using correct methods to change your brain and your heart. The best way to do that is through signing up for the program below. This does not mean that you will never be tempted again. So long as you are a human being you will have temptations but if you have your mind and body under control they will been seen more as a character building challenge rather than something to be feared.

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3 thoughts on “There is no Magic Pill or Quick Fix”

  1. I was involved in a relationship where we had great sex on a regular basis. Since we broke up, which was over a year ago, my masturbating problem has come back to haunt me. I have periods where i won’t do it for like 4 weeks. Then go spastic and masturbate like 5 times in one day, then notdo it for another 4 weeks. I want to stop this damned habit and be normal again.

  2. Porn and masturbation addiction just so much waste my time and energy, I just fel drag to do it continously. I want to stop because this addition cause me difficulties building mey relationship with other people

  3. Dimas, I wholeheartedly agree. I used to view women with a great desire for sex and imagined ways to be alone with them. It absolutely harms relationships-even potential ones. For the most part, women can see what’s in your eyes. And so can guys.

    If you are married, this is a real hindrance to healthy relationships because the man will take notice of your “hidden” intentions and make sure he keeps his wife far from you.

    I can’t even imagine how many potential friendships I’ve lost because of this addiction.

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