The Media is Stealing Your Good Attitude

news Did you know the first hour of the day is when your subconscious is most susceptible to any information you feed it. The first hour of your day can really determine the attitude you have for the rest of the day. I’m not saying you can’t change that throughout the day, because you can, but I am saying that if your day is started with negative information it can be difficult to be in a good mood the rest of the day. Of course a number of things can contribute to your mood to include sleep and diet but I want to concentrate on information. I want to look at what you’re feeding the soul. The body needs food and more importantly, so does your mind and heart.

How does this apply to porn addiction ? Few things in life are as important as a good attitude. With the right attitude you can persevere and rise above any trial or difficulty. It takes a lot of work to maintain a good attitude. So why would a person ever give this up. The answer is because it takes work to have a good attitude it’s not the easiest thing to maintain and sometimes we get caught up in idle activities such as watching the news or listening to music that does anything but promote positive thoughts.

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I’ll pick on the news a little here because I myself love to keep up on what’s happening in the world. News can be a great tool, especially when there is a hurricane coming. However, what most people forget, is news can be categorized as a form of entertainment. That’s right, I know it’s surprising, but people watch the news because it’s interesting and shocking and not because they themselves need to be warned of potential floods in Madagascar. The news industry thrives because they give people what they want, shocking and new information. News channels or newspapers need to make money. I was talking to a friend one time who worked for a small news agency and she said, “Every morning we sit down and look at the ratings of the day before and see where we got the most viewers and see where we started losing viewers. Then we concentrate on doing more of whatever caused us to get more viewers, which is usually more shocking things.”

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You see, we can’t blame the news because they just want to make money. They produce what their customers demand. Since the news produces what the viewers demand and most viewers demand shocking, negative things since that is what is most entertaining, then that is all one expect to see most of the time. The problem is the effect this has on your mind, mood, and ultimately your attitude and character.

If you’re trying to be a happy person and create good habits this can really be working against you. What type media dominates your free time? What kind of music do you listen to on the way to and from work? You can bet all of these things play a huge role in how you think and feel.

I like experiments and I’ve done quite a few on myself. Don’t worry, nothing crazy. I’m talking about simple lifestyle experiments. I’ve experimented going without media of any kind for stints of time. I’ve also experimented only allowing positive media in my life for a week or two to see how I would feel. Limiting myself to more positive media was definitely more effective than no media. Positive media can really enhance one’s life and help produce a positive attitude. When I say positive media I’m talking about uplifting books, easy listening music like soft jazz, and inspiring movies.

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Give it a try. Conduct a personal experiment for a week and see how you feel. Go without the news, listen to more positive music, and watch something educational or inspiring. You can also, try going without any media for a week, which can be quite refreshing and rejuvenating in itself.

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