Replace Addiction With Service and Hobbies

A big part of getting your porn addiction under control and creating a new life is replacing bad habits with good ones. You can’t just stop bad habits and expect everything to be good. You absolutely must fill that void and free time with good things you enjoy. I know sometimes it can be difficult thinking of what you can do, especially if you’ve spent years wasting time with bad habits. You may have forgotten how to enjoy life in good and wholesome ways or maybe you never learned.

The most important thing to keep in mind when you veture out to start new hobbies or do service for others is it may feel awkward at first. It won’t feel very comfortable since it will be quite the contrast to the dark and unclean life of addiction. Also, it may require more effort than your addiction. You may have to force yourself to get up and out of the house. It may be difficult at first but you’ll always be happy you did afterwards.

Service Ideas

Doing service for others has so many benefits. Its quite therapuetic for the person who has been only thinking of themsleves for some time. Its such a refreshing feeling to get out of the house and do something for somebody, anybody. That feeling is called love and its something addiction has been stealing from you over time.

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I personally would make myself do service even if it was the last thing I wanted to do. I knew it would have some kind of benefit. I was always glad I did afterwards.

There are no limits to service. You can do anything to help others. Money is not required. usually giving of time is appreciated more any way. There are so many people out there that need help or just need a friend. Anytime there are people around you it is guaranteed one of them if not all need a friend.

Here are some servive ideas:

-Visit a retirement home for 10, 20, 30 minutes and just talk to and listen to random people. I would force myself to do this and found residents had very interesting stories.

-Get a trash bad and go pick up some trash at a park. The only person that has to know you did something good is you.

-Check out for your local area. They always have plenty of service opportunities

-Join They have city specific websites for the larger cities. I used this service a lot. They have an online calendar of activites and you can sign up for as much as you like.

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-Check out Habitat for Humanity’s site at and go help build a house for poor people. I found this fun and I know nothing about building houses. They are happy to show you what to do.

-One of my favorite sites is which gives you many ideas to do something nice for somebody every day. Try it!


Everyone has talents. Many times people have talents that they just aren’t aware of yet. Addiction suppresses everything good, including your talents. It may have caused you to neglect your talents or delay discovering them. Talents are usually manifested in the form of hobbies. Hobbies are things you do to enjoy life and contribute to the world around you.

If you have forgotten what you have a passion for or have yet to discover your passion then here are some ideas. If you’re still not sure then just try experiementing with some of these and see what you like.

-Sports. I found I loved raquetball and football. So I joined some amateur leagues in my city.

-Running. Many people love to run. I learned to like it as well since I learned so much about my character. If you’re not a runner then start small and work your way up every week.

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-Art. Get out and draw some scenery or paint a landscape. Show your work off in galleries or give it to family and friends

-Music. I never played any instruments growing up so I thought it was too late for me to learn. Not true. I saw an infomercial one night on TV for a guitar with lessons. So I purchased and started practicing. Tada! New hobby and I love it!

-Animals. Besides being great companions and company they can help you get out of the house and get active.

-Start a blog about something you are passionate about. There are many free services but is a great one.

-Golf. I decided to give this a try but decided I like the driving range better than the course. S every Saturday morning I would just take my cheap driver and bad form and go have a blast hitting balls at the driving range just to see how far I could hit them.

-Go hiking. Nothing like the great outdoors to take away the stress of life and put everything into perspective.

-Check out community classes at the local college and learn something new or interesting

-Help others struggling with addiction.

-Just search for hobby ideas in Google and go try something new. It is never too late for something new

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  2. Wow, this is so true! I just wrote a similar article on my blog ( about the need to replace the “bad” with something “good.” That really is the only way to break an addiction, and is what helped me with mine! I’m glad to see other blogs like yours that are trying to help people recover from these very real addictions!

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    Shane Adamson told me about this site and I love it. I am a colleague of his and I will be referring clients to the site. I also have some material that you could post, if you are interested. One is an article to help couple work together when one spouse is struggling. Also a collection of tools and exercises for overcoming destructive habits. Thanks for considering it!

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