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One of the first books I ever read on the subject of pornography addiction was called “The Drug of the New Millennium–The Brain Science Behind Internet Pornography Use”” written by Mark Kastleman. It explains in dept how the body works when it is under the control of a sexual addiction. Little did I know that as I was reading his book, Mark was in the process of developing a program to help people more than understand sexual addiction but actually overcome it for good.

The program that Mark and his colleagues developed is called Candeo and is now part of I actually personally met Mark before starting his program. When I met him we had a conversation about all the people, including myself, that were looking for help but didn’t have access to a therapist who specialized in sexual addictions. His idea was to bring the solution to people through the internet.

I remember thinking to myself “How can a program on the Internet help me if the Internet is part of my problem”. While I had doubts I decided to give it a try anyway since I had tried everything. Wow, was I surprised! As I started to go through the 6 week course, which I blazed through even faster, I started to feel a new hope I hadn’t felt in a long time. My confidence in myself and life began to be restored. Life became exciting again as this program unlocked the truth of my addictions and the truth of how to overcome them.

The program is set up in a very logical and progressive way so that no important steps are skipped. First you gain a great understanding of what is actually happening in your body and how you’re not just some pervert without a heart. Then you move into the really good stuff and that is the correct steps to actually overcoming sexual or porn addiction.

I gotta tell you, it is such a great feeling to get things under control and not feel scared around a computer with internet access. I can look at beautiful women with calmness and confidence without letting my sexual urges and thoughts get out of control. Life looks so different now. Its full of hope and excitement with friends, family, hobbies and many other things that got neglected because I was previously dark and isolated.

I now consider Mark Kastleman one of the leading experts in sexual addiction in the World. He personally speaks through the entire Candeo program. Its self paced and completely online and anonymous. You also get assigned a personal coach who helps you progress through the program. This person communicated with you via email.

So to sum it up here are the top benefits of the Program:

1.Completely online
2.Completely Anonymous
3.Assigned a Personal Coach
4.The Most Complete and Accurate Program I Know of
5.Lowest Price for the Most Help

Check out the program over at

7 Steps to Overcome Porn Addiction

Helps with:

  • Porn Addiction
  • Masturbation Addiction
  • Sexual Addiction


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  2. brent macdonald

    I just finished waisting yet another night with this internet porn addiction habit I have had for some time . I could have done something really fantastic including building my self esteem back . I’m a single professional and I believe your program will help.

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