How to Stop Masturbation Addiction

freedom1.jpgAre you wondering how to stop masturbating? Well you are not alone. There are millions of frustrated men in the world trying to figure out how to stop masturbating. There is a plethora of confusing guidance and information out there. I will lay out advice from myself and others I have collected over time to make this is simple as possible. But before I jump into that I want you to know that you can and absolutely will overcome this addiction with the right attitude. Perseverance is the name of the game and victory will be yours if you possess the ability to get up and dust yourself off every time you fall. Many people have overcome this addiction and so can you. Its a personal decision you must make because no one can do this for you. So let’s get into the steps.

1. Before you learn how to stop masturbating you must isolate the cause and not the symptoms. There is a reason or reasons you masturbate and you must find out why. If you concentrate on just stopping masturbation then you will just return to your addiction after a short period of success. So, why do you masturbate? You’ll need to get some paper and something to write with for this one. There are many reasons you could be doing this and it may take a lot of pondering to get all the reasons on paper. It could be because you are bored, lonely, hurt, stressed, or it could be because of pains from the past. You’re going to have to get yourself in a relaxed state conducive to productive thought to really find out why you turn to masturbation. What are you trying to escape? Avoid focusing on symptoms. Saying you masturbate because it feels good is not the real reason you masturbate. Ok, it temporarily feels good but why do you feel like you need that? Dig deep into your feelings. If you find this part difficult you may need therapy to help you discover feelings you are not seeing clearly right now. It could also be something other than feelings. It could be that you are putting yourself in bad situations such as where pornography is easily accessible.

2. Once you have understood why you masturbate you need to start dealing with these feelings or situations. Dealing with feelings correctly is a skill and may be a skill you have forgotten or need to learn. Feelings are the result of thoughts. How we interpret the world and ourselves in our minds determines how we feel. We decide how we feel about things. If you masturbate because you feel bored then it is because you decided to feel bored. Nobody made you feel bored. You did. You have choices. You can get out of the house, you can talk to friends or family, you could do many things. You also decide how you think. You could decide that your situation is not as boring as you thought. What are you comparing your situation to that causes you to think its boring, or rather leads you to decide it’s boring. Becoming more aware of your emotions will not necessarily bring complete success but it is one step in this process that will give you essential personal power over the emotions that have ruled your life. The strongest man is the one who controls the mind. There is no universal application of this technique for everyone. Learn what works for you by trial and error, always refining your approach. Learning how to stop masturbating is exactly that, learning.

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When you have a feeling, any kind of feeling, learn to slow down the automatic train of thoughts you’ve created over time. The mind and body love to try and be as efficient as possible and does this by automating as much as possible. So it does take effort to interrupt ingrained automation, a.k.a. habits. For example, when you feel bored stop for a second and think about the message of this feeling. Is it because you feel your life is unproductive, or you would like to be doing something better with your free time? Once you’ve figured out why you’re bored you have some options. You need to either change the way you think about things or the way your are handling the situation or both. So you can either learn to see your life and situation as not boring or take action to make it not boring. If you’re sitting at home with nothing to do then take action and get out of the house. Go get involved in a hobby or create a new one. Why do you think people take up running? Yeah it’s great for health, but they also want to feel productive. The feeling of boredom is trying to give you a message. If your life is already productive then you need to change your thoughts and decide to be happy and content with every day living. You’re only going to continue to search out the temporary pleasure of masturbation so long as your are not content on the inside. True happiness springs from your thoughts and emotions, which you control, and not external circumstances.

A key to learning how to stop masturbation is learning to change the feelings that are leading up to masturbation. You also need to change how you feel about masturbation. You can no longer see masturbation as a solution to your boredom or loneliness or whatever, but instead must associate the act of masturbating with the pain and lack of control it brings into your life. The more you learn to enjoy your everyday life the less you will want to turn to masturbation and its natural consequences.

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3. Depending on the frequency you masturbate you need to narrow down the times of the day that seem to be the biggest problem for you. A lot of people have problems at night when they lay down and begin to relax. They’re not busy with daily activities and their thoughts begin to drift. Perhaps they have used this as a way to fall asleep for a long time. Isolating the times of the day that you struggle the most can help you to focus your efforts better learn how to stop masturbating. If you know you struggle most when you lay down at night then you can create a plan specific to that time of day. Maybe you need to exercise and burn some testosterone before going to bed. Exercise will also help you to be more tired and fall asleep faster. That means less time to think about masturbating. If you struggle at different times of the day or several times throughout the day then try to narrow down the times and the environment you’re in when this becomes difficult. If you go to a certain store with bad magazines or the gym where women are dressed in less then you may have to change some things about your daily routine.

4. Spend some time each day, perhaps in the morning, visualizing a new you. Close you eyes for a few minutes and imagine yourself easily overcoming the temptation to masturbate. It’s important that you start reprogramming your brain on a daily basis. It may seem awkward at first but do this everyday for 21 days and you will be comfortable with your new and confident self-image.

5. You cannot overcome a masturbation addiction so long as you are viewing pornography. If you have unrestricted access at home or work or anywhere then you need to create a safer environment. Simple as that. Get monitoring software or get rid of the computer. A recovering alcoholic cannot hang out at the bar or the alcohol section of the grocery store without giving into temptation. The same applies here. You need time to recover and get stronger.

6. Have an emergency way out – When the wave of temptation comes you need to have a pre-planned emergency way out. Many people have found that snapping a rubber band on their wrist helps break the automatic thought chain that leads to masturbation. Of course you don’t want to hurt yourself, just have something similar to get you mind off masturbating. Memorize a song or think about a hobby, whatever works.

There are a couple things I want to mention here. You’ll notice a couple things as you work to overcome a masturbation addiction. First, it’s not easy and you may have to try many many times before you get consistent success. I recommend tracking your progress for each day on a calendar so you can see even the slightest progression. Do not expect perfection. You may sometimes feel like Tom Hanks in the movie “Cast Away” trying to get over those big waves and off the island. Just keep trying no matter how many times you fail. Hint: One of the things I would do after making a mistake was go take a shower and put on new clothes. This would make me feel like I was clean and making a fresh start. Also doing this and having this mentality at the beginning of a new day makes you really feel like you have a fresh start. The new day is spotless and you have another opportunity to do better.

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The second thing you’ll notice is a feeling of lethargy, irritability, and mood swings. This can be compared to having withdrawal symptoms. Your body has gotten use to the way you have trained it. Anytime there was a build up in testosterone or dopamine you gave in and relieved the body. So there will be a period of time, not months but weeks, where you will need to let your body readjust itself. It will be easier, then, not to masturbate. This also applies to porn addiction . Until then you will be fighting the urges of a body resisting change. The lethargy can go away in a matter of days if you endure.

The third thing I want you to understand is the role of testosterone. It takes seven days for your testosterone levels to reach their max. So the first few days might not feel so difficult after you decide to stop masturbating but as the testosterone levels build up it will become more difficult. Just keep that in mind when you start to feel like its getting more difficult. That is how the body works. It cycles. If you allow it to, the body will absorb the testosterone and continue to work properly. When you were younger perhaps you had “wet dreams”. This was the body naturally regulating the high testosterone levels. This is nothing to feel guilty about but is actually a sign your body is working properly again if this does happen. Of course older individuals have lower levels of testosterone and should not expect “wet dreams” to happen.

In conclusion I would say the most important thing you can do while learning how to stop masturbation addiction is to control your thoughts. Learn to control your thoughts and you will be the master of your emotions and actions. Persevere through all the set-backs you have. You are never failing unless you are refusing to stand up and try again. Success is inevitable if you persevere through the slip ups and mistakes.

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  1. hi there,
    I am happy to have found this site. I have recently decided that my usage of pornography has hurt my personal relationships and has become a daily addiction. I have successfully stopped looking at pornographic materials for the past 6 weeks and plan to continue breaking this dependency. But I had never considered that i may have an addiction to masturbation. i have always heard that it is a healthy and normal thing to do. As a male in his late twenties, I always understood my masturbation usually one or two times a day to be acceptable. I am wondering when masturbation becomes an addiction. After reading your article, i decided to stop for a week to gain perspective. it is day 4 and I have been successful controlling my thoughts and placing myself in good situations. I feel a physical discomfort, not pain, but definite nervous energy and a strong desire for relief to my cravings. Tonight i am wondering ‘why am i doing this’ but want to stay committed to my goal. Am i to understand from your site that ANY masturbation from ANYone is unhealthy? Thanks

    1. i must say thank you. for six years i have masturbated every day! i know it was unhealthy but i had anxiety and was unable to make friends my whole life. i was alone yet i know that my actions were not an end but a mean that would never end. my whole life i have been addicted to pornography, since i was a small boy. i have tried to quite HUNDREDS of times and have always fallen. i got so low that i was masturbating in public because i couldn’t control myself. i went as far as to spend hours hacking library moniters just to get a glips to masterbate to. as i have just done that know and in my depression and self loathing i finally sought out help knowing i can’t do it alone. this sight has helped me understand that giving up is not an option, i can get over this and i will, before pornorgraphy my life was so happy, never nervouse, no gilty mind, productive life style, friends just being made. i sit here, alone, having acomplished little in my life when i know i could have gone far with what i was given. i hope to reply back in a few weeks. a stronger man with a purpose in life and a goal to be better and help others around me be better. thank you, thank you all for this. those of you struggling with me, DON’T GIVE UP. we can do this!!!
      god bless you.

  2. Dear Whomever wrote this article I really felt that to my heart because I been having this problem for a while and I really get tired of being defeated so I was just wanted to say thank you for your advice and may God bless you! Please write back!

  3. Thankyou so much for your advise, I am going to start stopping right……..NOW! THANKYOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. thank you very much for this valuable information and from today, i will act up upon it because the addiction is making my health go at a poor standard and i do see myself in the future being healthy again and once again thank you very much.

  5. this has put alot in eprspective and allowed me start to build my self-esteem back up and like Joseph said let the word of God fill you up and be in ur heart

  6. To the owner of this article,

    I think your articles are good to read. I have a question about something you said in this one. In step two above, you said that if you feel bored it’s because you decided to feel bored! What the heck do you mean?! Just because no one makes you feel bored doesn’t mean you make yourself feel that way, it just naturally happens don’t you think?

  7. Im a 15 year old schoolboy who is addicted to , both masturbation and pornography. I thought it isnt a big deal ,but now I can understand how it affects my personality. I will try my damn best to overcome this

    Thank you

  8. thanks. God be with you! Truly God is good to Israel, to such as are pure in heart. but as for me, my feet had almost stumbled; my steps had nearly slipped. Psalm 73:1-2

  9. thanx God i found sm help.u know i hate doing it.n i hate myslf 4 doing i cudnt think of stopng myslf 4m it.i’l try ths.n INSHALAH i’l ovrcome it.u r right wn u say dt v do it coz of past failures,emotional hurt or boredom.keep up the good cause.thanx


  11. Thank you for that very helpful advice that i really need. We can’t change ourselves for we are weak, but if we ask God to change our lives then we can overcome all that prevents us from being who we really are, servants of God with pure hearts and minds.God Bless

  12. I am a college student who has suffered with pornography addiction and masturbation for some time now. I started believing that it was harmless but I began to realize the profound impact that it had on my personal relationships, my reputation, and especially my scholastic ability. I would get tired and fall asleep often, lack energy throughout the day, and lose productive time because of my addiction. I am slowly but surely trying to make the change to recovery. I feel that the surest way to overcome this addiction is to recognize our self worth and dignity. May everyone here be constantly reminded about how much they are worth in this world.

  13. thnx to the writer, may Allah bless his showers upon u for helping humanity getting rid of this miserable habit

  14. Hi,

    Thanks for this post.

    EVERYONE: If you can, WHENEVER you feel that urge to masturbate, don’t think twice — Immediately leave the room and go for a walk! From there you can call a friend or do something else to get your mind off masturbation.

    Also, try to avoid watching things on tv or on your computer about anything sexual. If you’re like me this can be very tempting.

    Masturbation is a REAL addiction.

  15. I really would like to stop, but every time I try I get uncontrollable erections that simply get worse throughout the day. Then I will have to go to a bathroom to relieve myself or suffer the humilation of someone seeing my hard-on through my pants or me playing pocket pool to adjust my throbbing cock. I started masturbating around the age of four and never looked back until I heard that it was a sin. I have spent many hours studying it and keep getting conflicting doctrinal stances on the issue. The Bible nor the Quran make no blatant prohibitions or license to do it. I am confused.

  16. To the author:

    Thank you for taking time out to share meaningful information with those who have been suffering with Masturbation and Pornography addiction. Your advice has empowered me with a new zeal to overcome this habit once and for all. I have stopped- and started countless times. I started masturbating when i was 12 years old, and i have been burdened with guilt to this day. I am now married and my wife knows i used to masturbate before i met her, but i still masturbate sometimes without her knowledge. Thank you for equipping me with the tools i need to beat this bad habit before it ruins my marriage!! God Bless you.

  17. I stuggled with this for years growing up. I stopped for 3 years, and to my everlasting shame, in a moment of weakness, I picked it back up in a heartbeat. Its been almost 6 months since I started again and I now feel as if I can officially beat this. This has ever been a source of great pain to me. I have lived a life with a hidden addiction almost all my life, but never again. I shall never forget your advice. Lord bless you, my friend.

  18. Hello there. Just wanted to say thank you for your advice and hopefully it will be of great help to me. I’m really struggling with both porn and masturbation addiction and it’s got to a point where it’s stopping me from doing my school work as i spend productive hours on the internet watching porn. i’ve already bookmarked ur site and will continue to refer to it on a daily basis if i have to cos i really want to beat this habit. God bless u.

  19. Thank you so much for making this site. I had been trying to stop for a year, but never gottn past 3 days without doing it. It has now been 3 weeks since I did this. Thank you for your help, God bless you, and continue to help others!

  20. hi i hv just read da site…its gr8…thank god der r ppl whos cares abt others….i started masturbating at da age of 12…i am a singer of the band black here in bangladesh…i hav this wiered problem i hv tried many girls or prostitutes at 1st it was good to hav sex..but later i found out that it dusnt work i dont cum having sex..da only way is thru masturbation i donnno what da fuckis wrong with me..pls i need help

  21. Dontworryaboutit

    i really thank u, i have just finished reading this article and hopefully i will overcome my shameful habit, if this works or not, thank u very much, wish me luck, allah be with u all and help u through ur times of need

  22. Thank you so much for posting this site. I was concentrating on just stopping, and that didn’t work. But I have a question. Why doesn’t that work? I mean, if u don’t want to do something, u should be able to stop yourself, right?

  23. HI, I have been masturbating since I was 8 years because my older brother who was in has early twenties at the time was left porn in the vcr. Ever since then I been doing it when I feel bored, stress, depress or even make time to masturbate. It has affect my relationships a lot because I would have sex than go masturbate to porn later on that day. I can’t even get my internship work done because I would be too busy masturbating the whole day and keep on say I will do it later. I’m laughing at my myself because I never reconize masturbate has taken over my life. This year alone I have spent $220 on porn. This really need to stop. I thought I was naturally lazy but I’m not. I am tired of feeling tired everday. I am too young and I don’t have problem in the get the ladies department but keepin them around is the problem. I would like to say thank you for creating this site.




  25. There is a forum specifically made for men trying to deal with the consequences of over-masturbation or over-ejaculation, both mental and physical symptoms. This is called sexual exhaustion.

    The site is also very good for people looking for right lifestlye modifications and healing methods/info about many things. Especially for curing sexual weakness, depression, etc…

  26. I would like to thank the author of this wonderfully writen piece. I have struggled with porn and masturbation for almost 2 years and it has completly ran my life. I am only 15 but i think it has made a large impact in my life, now and in the future. I wanted to say to all who read this that watching porn and masturbating is a CHOICE! Please, choose wisely,because maybe you cant see now but in the future, it will hurt you.

  27. thanks. i’m making a thesis to prove whether masturbation is a healthy lifestyle. your site is great. it helped me a lot.

  28. To think, I honestly thought that it was just me with this problem…..My life is on a downward spiral because of my lack of control….Masturbating daily has made me lazy, irritable and Ive lost my drive…..I found my uncles porn magazines around age 10…..I was confused at first…. seeing semen on women and not knowing where it came from, but as soon as i figured out how to masturbate….Ive been doing it regularly since…I am now 35 married with one son….We’ve been trying to have another child for the longest but to no avail. Im afraid to get a semenalysis because of what i might find out……Porn and masturbation has literally ruined my life….I still feel inside that Im a strong man….So with that, I will try these steps and hopefully this will work for me…I really dont know what else to do…..


  29. I have never imagined that masturbation would be considered an addiction. In the beginning it is just something that feels so good and you just want to experience the extacy of it. After a while it becomes the addiction where your body constantly asks for. Lately I have realized that is has started to destroy me. It is true that it makes you feel tired, it affects your relationships and most importantly it destroys yourself. There is something you said in your article about “The strongest man is the one who controls the mind.” This is all about controlling the mind. It ‘s something you must constantly fight especially in the start, I imagine. I never imagined that so many people could be suffering from this addiction but right now I really want to quit this malicious habit. Like other people already said, it also disturbs you from studying because the time you have for studying you use it for masturbating and after that you feel so tired where you do not have the energy to study. I will bookmark this website and I will be back, whenever I feel the need to masturbate and I will remember on your words of advice. I have been deep into this addiction for 7 years already and reached the point where it controls my life and honestly can not take it anymore but I am positive that I will make it. Thank you so much for trying to help others and make us see that we are not alone and that we can fight this. Wish me luck and I’ll maintain your website up to date with my advancements. I AM QUITTING NOW! 4 Januari 2008, 20:20! May your words inspire many others like it has done for me!

  30. I am thankful I found this site, not only has if been very informational, but all the comments have been very honest, and shown me how guys think.

    I am going to show this to my husband. He had a problem with porn for 2 years. And has worked really hard on it, but I know he still masturbates on occasion. I’d really like him to stop, as I think it’s linked to his addiction. Esp. as he’s been trying to convince me that he thinks he’d be able to start watching it again without caving in!
    For goodness sake we’re only 21.

    I’m praying this helps him.

  31. I would like to thank the author of this article and also the comments left on this page you have all helped me relize that this addiction is real and God is really dissapointed in me for doing it. I am going to try and stop again but hopefully through much prayers and the prayers of others I will finally overcome this.

    Please Pray for me in my next upcomig months,
    A person who is dedicated to the Lord, God, and the Holy Spirit,
    John S.

  32. Thanks for this page. You’ve given me inspiration to quit again.

    I hereby swear that I will never masturbate or look at pornography again.


  33. thanks for this site . I started masturbting at about 15 yrs ago i do it almost everyday but sinces last week i stoped sinces then i am haveing pains in my testicles. pls i need help and what can i do to stop the pains

  34. Thanks for this valuable insight and advice. I have been struggling with masturbation for too many years of my life. I cannot begin to imagine HOW much of my life has been spent doing this filthy habit.

    I am really trusting that God will help me to apply the simple truth’s that are laid out here in order that my family can benefit from having a healthy minded father/husband. Keep up with this good work and try to get more exposure out there for those desperate people trapped with this shocking habit.

    We need this to help us kick this filthy habit for the benefit of all concerned.

    -addict 40

  35. I hope this really works, i’ve tried so many times to stop but had a\ relapses. I’ve been doing it for 13 years and i just can’t stop. I’ve had girlfriends and still I did it on a frequent basis. I really hope these are the steps i need to overcome my addiction; i mean i did quit smoking, but i’d only been smoking for 2 years. Whats suprising is i didn’t even know i was addicted, i thought i could stop as long as i had a girlfriend. If this doesn’t help, i’m doomed to be jerk off for the rest of my life; so it’s a must that i don’t fail and i won’t.

  36. Your site is great. Masturbation and the loss of semen in general cause tremendous damage to the male body. So many Americans believe it is a harmless activity and are blind to the lives that have been destroyed due to this horrible addiction. You all give me hope.

  37. Hi,

    I myself am 15 and i dislike masturbation strongly. I thank the writer of this article because i do need this positive encouragement. Everything in this article has reassured me in giving it up. I have felt the same way about everything you said and it is all so true. I have always felt weird but i have always been really affected by masturbation and have always wanted to give it up. My confidence is lost when i do it because i feel no control over my own body. I really want to give up permanately and i will read this when i get the urge. Thank you. I am afraid about what you said that i need filtering for my internet. It is a great problem but i can’t get rid of my family computer and i don’t want to ask my parent for the filtering program because i will have to explain why. I need no reply to this as i didn’t put my email address in this comment simply because i am so over come with embarrassment that i have such a problem.

    Thank you again.

  38. Some people are just so blind to see the bad effects of masturbation in males.
    I don’t know why the hell the sexologist tell that bullshit that masturbation doesn’t cause any bad effects. If they are women they don’t know the male causes. If they are men there is two options:
    a) They lie for some reason


    b) They themselves don’t masturbate regularly so they don’t know anything about the bad effects of masturbation.

  39. As a young man in my twenties I found this website very useful. I feel great that i can overcome this addiction. You put the steps in simplicity which is even greater, Thanks

  40. hello may the peace of the Lord be with u

    well i guess i’m a young man who just started masturbating, althrough i have never slept with a lady before but this days i’m so addicted to masturbation that i can do without doing it twice a week so pls i will be very happy if you can send me any comment on how to stop it parmantenly


    M J

  41. I really need to thank you for posting this article for all to hear. It takes a great amount of courage to look into your deepest emotions and fears, and recognize that you are weak and have an addiction. I have been addicted to pornography since childhood, and I have an incredibly hard time fighting it. I also have been addicted to frequent masturbation since the 8th grade. I believe that since both these addictions coincide, it is best to stop both at the same time. But so far all of my valiant attempts to quit have ended in tragedy and more shame.

    I am an extremely moral person in the rest of the areas of my life. But have hid in shame from the constant demon that causes me to be a hypocrite. I no longer will allow this sin to consume my life, and always make me feel weak. I have never been a truly and faithfully religious person, but I think with a little faith, and personal battling…I can beat this.

    Thanks again for your outwardness about this subject. Posting your own experiences, as evident by all the replies, has helped many people fight back against these addictions. Together we stand against the evil in this world. Together, we shall prosper.

  42. Great article, thank you very much
    I found out that the reason I was masturbating varied from boredom to the feeling I was hurt. I found out that everytime I felt hurt I wanted to easen the feelings of hurt by masturbating. I tried to escape these feelings of hurt by masturbating and actually it just caused more pain. Now I know the reason and it’s great to realize it and now I know where to work. Instead associating masturbation with the feelings of happines I associate it with pain and lack of control and that’s the truth. In long-term masturbation doesn’t make you feel better, actually the opposite it does make you feel more pain.

  43. a loser who want to win

    I’m an addict to masturbation though i have a religious background. i want to stop it completely. can any one send me any links, books, advices to me. plz.

  44. undesired to my name

    I am pleased to see this site, i would have lost my feelings and controls of my bodies and continue wit my crazy addiction, Due to curiosity i started this, i need to end this, so i started another safe addiction to replace that addiction and then i have gained control after i saw that. Everyone must be stubborn sometimes.

  45. hi there,

    thanks for this article, i am 16 and i want to stop it. thanks for your help.. i hope i can stop this.. i want to start a new life without masturbating…. February 1, 2008


  46. I have been a sex addict since the age of ten or eleven. My Dad used to abuse my mother and me I would go to my room and masterbate into fantasy land to avoid the pain. I am now 39 and have had only short periods of freedom in my life, the severity alway6s elevates to a new level each time i relapse. I now realize what I must do. (with the help of a pastor who has been there, a godly therapist, and most important of all daily,hourly,minutely,secondly, Surrender to the Holy Spirit). Will someone please help me understand the withdrawal from sexual addiction,it has been one week since I have masturbated. I look forward to supporting each other.

  47. Good afternoon every one

    I began to do this habit and unfortunately it has been harmful to me. Tough i didn´t do too many times (3 or 4 times a week) it caused deepest changes in my mind I started at 12, by now i´m 33 yo and never tought it could happen to me. I can´t believe i wasted 22 years of my life doing this. I feel tired all the time and even worst i´m getting a bald man, (the only one in my family). i get irritable easily and i use to left my jobs because mood swings, and now i´m about to went into bankcrupty and loneliness.

    Now i´m trying to stop it

    God bless you for creating this site

  48. Hi,
    I masturbate about 10 times a week. It has gotten to the point that I have also become dependent on Viagara because I can’t get normally aroused with my girlfriend who is model gorgeous. I’m 37 and my girlfriend is 25. I’ve been masturbating since 12 or 13. I’ve been having guilty feelings doing this behind her back but sometimes I feel I just need/want a quick release. I have no problem getting women. Sometimes I just feel like I need to release. I think it is excessive and want to stop. After reading this article it gives me some strength…thanks.

  49. Hello,
    I have been effected from masturbation since last 7-8 years. I started when I was about 11 years and got addicted to this disastrous habit of self abusing. Initially it seems so much fun that I just didnt think about any consequences but then sometime later I came to know that its eating me from inside and I was having a strange kind of gut feeling which was taking me away from all my relations. The vice of masturbation is such a killing factor that you just keep on sinking in it as it gives you pleasure. I started from pictures then erotic pictures websites then erotic stories then porn cds and then this cycle continued until now I came to the big dark world of internet porn. Although I do it now once a week but still I dont like doing it and I am so tired of this habbit that I sometime feel just hopeless about it but your site has given me strength to fight back and stand again. Please keep writing such nice stuff.
    God bless you!

  50. thank you so much…i’ve been in this addiction for couple of years now. I’m so glad that God has led to me to your website. I tried so many times yet failed. I hope I would be victorious this time. Thank you for the inspiring advices. God Bless You!!!

  51. I am 14 and have been suffering from this problem for about a year now. I have tried to stop this awful habit and each time i do it I tell myself ” Today is the last time” but before you know it i am telling myself the same thing again. I also have religous views against this problem but it hasn’t stopped me. I hope the discovery of this website will help for real this time and I will stop forever.

  52. Thank you very much for your excellent advice..I was an addict of masturbation till today for the last 5 years….but today you have changed my life……i decided not to masturbate from now at all under any circumstances because i am learning to control myself.if i control myself nobody can stop me from succeeding and i win always…i want to be the winner always…..i dont want to be a looser any more……this masturbating was the only reason which prevented my success till today………so under any circumstances i wont masturbate at all………………..

    Thank you for your valuable suggestions….







  54. Hey,
    I am a woman and I struggle with masturbation and I want to break it really bad. I am Christian, and I love God with all my heart and soul. I know this article was written for men, but one thing you said about it being easy to resist the first few nights and then getting more difficult hit me. That happens to me all the time. I can go a few nights without masturbating, and then when I hit a week I just can’t hold back anymore. I really want to stop and I’m praying that I can. Thanks for writing this!

  55. i really want to thank you for this web it has enable me to finally start to win my battle if i never found this web i think that i would still be masturbating

    thanks Denver03

  56. I really thank you 4 this article.Its so encouraing and spirit also involved in masturbation and porn which is trying to ruin my life becos it is against what am involed a priest in the makingand if i ashld continue like this it will very disastrous.pls i want you ppleto help me come out of this canker worm.

  57. This is helping people everyday, it has helped me. Thanks for not trying to make money off of my illness.

  58. thank you for your advice. i ve been badly affected by masturbation
    i started doing it when i was 18. i am 23, but i realised 4rm you the best
    way is to control the mind. since i found it difficult getting a galfriend,. i want to tell you that from today. i will stop masturbation by all means.

    my number; 2348063884010

  59. Hello,
    I’m trying what’s on this website to see if it helps. I just felt i had to get it out there that I have a problem; an addiction. It makes me miserable hiding it from everyone. I have such a hard time overcoming it, mostly because I’m pretty sure the reason I do it is stress. Everday is stressful! I’m in college! Sometimes I wish I could erase my whole past and start over again and tell that young kid to ignore what the friends say. Thanks for givingout advice! It’s nice to know I’m not the only one.

  60. Thankyou,

    Your website is great. I am 32 and have been struggling with porn and masturbation since i was 10. I am married but still the desire is strong. The longest i have gone with out any problem is 3 years. There is trend usually in how i get back involved in it. It usually starts with a curiosity, seemenly harmless but it quickly escalates to trying to find sites to turn me on and masturbate to. There is definently a rush that comes but it only last for a few seconds then your left wondering how you could let yourself and your famliy down and also the lord. However i have never given up. One thing that has helped is being completely honest with my wife so there are no secretes between us. This alone has made it alot harder to perform the act because I know I will have to tell her and ask her forgivenss. May the lord bless those of us who struggle with this addiction.

  61. For my relationship with Christ I struggle and learned that masturbation is a sin. I finally realize that it only doesn’t effect our spiritual relationship but it targets our flesh, our body, and then it hits our mental and spiritual side. So basically it only does not destroy the nervous system but also hits our true feelings and our relationship with God. I struggle to stop because all I knew was that masturbation was a sin. That was all on my mind…a sin. But this site helped me understand what it does to my mental side first. AFter that it hits every spot of the spiritual body and then weird mood swings and depression. Thanks for explaining what masturbation hits first, thats what I needed to know. What it hits first. Now my confusion is turned into answers that will stop me from sinning and from procrastinating in school. God Bless You.

  62. As a 19-year-old Christian man, I have struggled with the sin and addiction of masturbation for more than 7 years. I have recognized it as a sin since I began and an addiction for some time now, and I have struggled to stop for many years. At age 12 I became addicted to porn. Thankfully, my father found me out and confronted me. I stopped…for about three years. Again, my father confronted me about my addiction after a short time when I was 17. I stopped for a short time again, only to fall back into viewing porn after extreme emotional upset almost a year ago. I have only experienced about three months of freedom from the addiction of masturbation since I began; that was immediately prior to that upset, which cast me back into both addictions. by God’s grace, I am seeking the strength to stop this addiction: “I have set the Lord always before me because He is at my right hand, I will not be shaken.” Psalm 16:8 One of the previous posts made note of what is almost a pain from not masturbating–a sort of nervous energy. I couldn’t have described it better. I am very stressed with pursuing almost double the requirement to be considered a full-time student in college per semester (22 credit hours), starting and running a moving business, and emotional upset. The temptations are even greater for me now because I spend a large portion of my time on a computer completing homework and preparing business documents. I am very active; however, it is the physical, and mental release that masturbation and porn provides that I give in to. I just become exhausted with the stresses I face. I cannot express how encouraging it is to know that I am not the only capable, active, athletic, “role model,” Christian man to fight this fight. As a word of encouragement…I have looked to long-term, God-honoring relationships (not for sex, which is reserved for marriage) for relief, but that is not a solution. For those who have read this post, please, TAKE THE TIME TO READ ALL OF THESE POSTS!!

    In Christ,

    To answer someone else’s comment. The Word of God condemns sexual immorality and lust… it condemns masturbation.

  63. Thankyou so much for ur effort to better yourself and us… may Allah be with you and reward you for you’re help. I have been struggling with masturbation for almost 2 years now and it seems to be taking over my life and my habits. It makes me feel like someone else rather myself and I will try my hardest to overcome this humiliating and shameful habit or even more, addiction.
    Thanks again and please inspire others and continue with your kind efforts.

  64. Hello im 32 and english a chap from an above post said after stopping for a couple of years he started to become interested again in masturbation through what felt like harmless curiosity i know what he means ive felt exactly the same way wanting to mentally stop but it seems impossible, thats no exaggeration, 3-4 days my head is filled with nothing else but cravings to satisfy myself. Even trying to occupy myself with a hobby or excercise does not stop my thoughts from urging me to masturbate. I feel trapped. My life has taken a wrong turn ive become isolated my realtionship ruined and its only now that i know masturbating is to blame i still feel i need to carry on find it difficult to accept that it is ruining my life it feels like second nature. How can i stop?

  65. I think we should have a clear view about this habit as long as medical science also supports this…(twice in a week is normal), but I really hate this habit… I don’t know what to do … thanks for this article

  66. I know in the Bible, in one of Pal’s letters, he says something about ‘resisting sins of the flesh’ by ‘keeping controll over his body and excercising it’. I know that excersise burns testosterone (the hormone that bings on the ‘urge’ to reproduce, in both men and women, allthough women have less.

    I also know that men in relationships have been reported to have lower testosterone levels, so having a girlfriend can also help.

    Personally I’m commited to stay single untill I find the right one, so I think a good book to read at night, and a jog in the morning before work should take care of it.


  67. ashamed person

    I have been visiting this website for a couple of months and i have still let myself down on many many occasions and this does not help much but when i think of stopping it is something i want to do but deep down i know that i do want to do it again and i know that i am going to blank everything out and do it again. I also find that telling myself to dramatically reduce the amount i do this helps instead of telling myself to stop because it is a more realitic target. If anyone has some more advice for me please post back a comment as i need as much help as i can get.

  68. thank you for creating this site and article. i am a high school senior and ive been addicted for 3 yrs. i play football and u can imagine the negative affects that this has had on my game. i lost much of my needed agression and focus that is vital to me. ive been able to get by like this on the field and weight room but since i will be playing college ball next semester, there is no way that i can keep this going if i want to have success or survive at that level of play because my addiction has shrunken my margin of potential and success. this piece has inspired me to kick this mind disease out of my life, as it has affected my academic and social life as well and has completely ruined my state of mind. thanks for the help! please send me tips or advice if anyone out there is also an athlete or has had success kicking this thing THANKS A MILL AND GOD BLESS!!!

  69. just wanted to follow up from my last post. i went an entire week and two days, and more to come, without masturbating and it was phenomenal. if your trying to quit, just remember that the time ahead of it will be worth it as your quality of life will drastically improve. God Bless!!!

  70. Just think that we sometimes feel we could not overcome this addiction because we are weak and we are just human. However, let us not forget that because of God he will give us the strength to overcome it if you just ask sincerely for that much needed strength. We are weak as a nimble ant but because of YOU oh God I can be as strong as a million elephants!!!!!

  71. I must thank you for this article. It means so much to me to see that there are so many other people out there with this problem I have read every single comment and they’re all worth it. I knew I was addicted both to porn and masturbating and how horribly wrong it is, but never fully understood what it’s doing. I am always feeling tired and lazy and masterbate usually twice a day almost which is embarassing to say to even strangers. I am as of today becoming resolute to rid myself of this addiction. I would like to ask for all of your prayers so that I can overcome this. Thanks again for the article and comments by all

    p.s. I’m turning 18 soon.

  72. Just want to let everyone know that I been struggling with this addition for a long time. It really ruined my life. I always sit in my room, locked pretend I was studing but really I was not studing. I was going through all the porn sites and masterbate. Let me tell you guys, Porn and masterbation can only destroy your life. It may give you pleasure for about 20 seconds after that you feel the opposite of pleasure. I am saying this by personal experience. Once you visit a porn site you will not stop there. you will keep on exploring whats new out there. The sex/porn media is tyring to make money by going through all their sites. Porn & masturbation ruined my life especially my studying part. I know its hard but just try your best not going to porn site. I WILL TELL YOU, IT WILL NOT DO ANY GOOD TO YOU. You have family good friends (notice, i said good friends) spend time with them. Masturbation does effect you studies a lot. over Masterbation can cause mental status change, memory loos and a lot of other bad things. If you think about your body, it has lot of chemicals/ hormones. when you masterbate you loose those necessary chemicals that your body needs for the brain to work thus inbalance occurs. Scientifically when you talk about masterbation, everyboday says, masterbation doesnt cause any medical conditions. But, when you excessively masterbate you are loosing sugar/salt and when you loose those sugar you will feel tired and memory impairement can occur; your braied is deprived of oxygen.
    my frends & some family cousins told me, hey go masterbate…gives temptation and all..& i though that it is good and everybody does all i kept on doing it…then later I started finding that things I used to do, I am not able to do now. I am not productive interms of work, school, family, etc. I was always tired. Also, i figured that those people who are telling me to masterbate and porn is all good…they are only trying to give me/you tempetation, trying to get my life out of track. And, they are all going on with their life, workig, family life, basically very productive with their life. Here I am nowhere.
    So, I tell all young kinds that “Dont start seeing porn” or “excessively masterbate”. Instead, why dont you go out have fun; find a good girl and talk with girl…but not sex. If you think you both are compatable then start a relationship and stay with the same person. The decision you gonna make better be a good one. Its always better to stay with one person, for body and mind. Just because your friends have girlfriends doenst mean you have to have one..or if they watch porn or materbate doesnt mean you also have to do it. My suggestion is DONT DO IT. enjoy your life single (if you are single) with no porn or not excessive masterbation. Concentration on your studies. Some people out there thinks that I am crazy. But I am just saying from my experience.

    Porn and masterbation is a BIG TIME addition. its bad… really bad…it ..more than it it can effect your life..especially you studies.

    People out there please pray for me to get back in track with my life.
    by the may my name is not zeal….

    PORN & MASTERBATION is BADDDDDDDDD…DONT DO ITTTTTTTT..!!! it will kill your life. No. It wont give you a life.!!

    kids out there..ignore sex/porn/media types.


    a friend.

  73. i started masturbating 11 years ago,back then i was in boarding school,i had no girl friend and loneliness was my closet pal
    at first it felt so good that i thought i had answer the questios to my worries which are HIV,STD and irregular sex,as time went bye i became more and more addictive without knowing i am an addict.presently i masturbate twice a day and 5 times a week.i am an aspring body builder and model but i have just discover i am week all to the time to do anything
    the lngest break i had from masturbation was when i was down with nhymonia
    the weirdest thing of it is that it brings bad luck to me all the time,strange things or misharps occurs on such days

    i must this article is very interesting and revealing
    i hope insha allah i stop
    please help me

  74. Man this thing is something that plagues a lot of people. I just knew I wasn’t the only one with this problem. I’m glad that sites like this exist. Thank you for your advice on this evil addiction! Its evil and its demonic and God hates that something He created is being abused and missused.

  75. I have been addicted to masturbation for 4 years now. Ever since 6th grade, I have been masturbating everyday, sometimes up to 3 times a day. I have grown depressed over time, and I have seeked therepeutical help, but i cannot gain enough courage to talk to my parents about it. I see all of this talk about God and faith in this blog. Over time, I have masturbated so much, that I have given up faith in God, for i was habitually addicted to marijuana for a long period of time. I am now an Atheist. I want to live happy, but I also want to live a life where I want to do, what I want to do. I have made a vowe TODAY to stop masturbation. I really liked the comment someone made about walking away everytime you feel like masturbating. This article has been the greatest advice I have ever recieved. Thank You, and I hope all of you recieve help with you addiction.


  76. God has answered one of my prayers by granting me a bit of courage to scour the web for a site dealing with Porn addiction as well as that ‘M’ word – I can’t bring myself to say it, let alone type it, yet. But, I needed to get this out. However, at this time, I am still too timid to talk to someone face-to-face about this crisis.
    To be honest, once I read the introduction from this website and then on to the blogrolls for both the porn and ‘m’ section tears flowed from my eyes big time. So with that said, I have reassurance that I am not alone with this clandestine struggle.

    I use porn to further intensify when I am doing the ‘m’. As with the other testimonies within these blogs, I can feel the downward spiral getting steeper. It’s frightening I must say.

    Hmmm. For a long, long while my wife says when we make love that I am cold, almost I show no loving passion when we are having sex. This is because; unbeknownst to her, that I close my eyes and fantasize that she is another very kinky, erotic, porn partner when we my wife and I are having intercourse. It’s the only way I can…you know, get off. Hence, my wife and I still have sex, not as often anymore; it’s dwindling. I was aware of this was a big problem for a while but denied it to myself.

    Several years ago I rarely even accessed a porn site, let alone pay porn site. I used to scoff at those people who would, but now I am here pouring my heart out on this blog. This porn addiction gets eerier and creepier anytime I access a porn site; I ashamed to tell how disgustingly and Unnaturally kinky the websites I surfed upon.

    So, I am sick of being deceptive to my wife and family, to my Christian friends, myself and of mostly to the Lord. I hate having to sneak when surfing or when doing that ‘m’ thing. It makes me so ashamed.

    There is so many things I need to catch up on, but having this addiction can and does make me lose hours on end a day. I could have become a great guitar player, a better father and husband more athletic, and definitely a better Christian but…..

    From reading Zeal’s post, I have experienced stress and memory loss, and I am guessing that a contributing factor is doing the ‘m’ excessively.

    Also Zeal, as requested; I am praying for you, friend.


  77. Hi
    I am a woman and I have been fighting masturbation for years now. I know this article was written for men, but it is true for women as well. I have just tried stopping for the third time in the last few years. After being through an abusive relationship I found it harder to fight but now I have found myself in a relationship that God has brought about. I thank God daily for the love he shows us and I thank the author of this article for the encouragement. I pray that all of the people out there who suffer from this can conquer it and I would like to ask that we all remember each other in our prayers.
    God bless and keep you all!

  78. The Netherlands

    Yes!!! New hope!!! I should have searched for advice 2 years earlier! I’m only a teenager so it will be even tougher, but I am going to conquer this addiction eventhough I have tried it at least 100 times.

    Thank you very much, writer of this article. God blesssss you!

  79. Wow I mean obviously God has blessed you tremendously, personally I will bookmark this page so as to share it with friends and family because it is one of the most straight forward, realistic and sensible material as it relates to subject and solution, your recommendations are very much achievable, I am a Christian that has been suffering from these addictions, yes we do suffer like the average man, but God is so awesome in that I was lead to this site and I can already feel the power of success that comes with a surety that I have definatly found the help I need, people out there needs stuff like this the gratitude in the many comments posted speaks for itself, you’ve done well

    Thanks and God bless

  80. Testosterone build up. I should of thought of that. I’ve been battling this addiction for some time. I was recently on a great workout schedule and didn’t get any gravings for porn or to masturbate. After I stopped hitting the gym. They started up again and I gave in. Add in all of lifes troubles and it becomes irresistible. The method of relief (masturbating) that my body has develope leaves me feeling like crap, morally and pyhsically. There is so much more I could do with my time other than masturbating or checking out porn. I’ll try some of the methods all you guys have talked about and see what happens. Thanks for the input. ………………….. Day1

  81. I praise my Lord Jesus Christ for using you guys, im in my 20s and have benn strugling with this demon since i been bout 12. As a single, unmarried man i found this problem real discouriging to be honest. Although i am waiting for the wife the Lord has set apart for me , this sin makes me feel incredibly guilty and is a thorn to my side. The fact that im struggling with this nasty addiction makes me way too embarrased to even mention it to anyone, but God has given me hope and most importantly reminds me of His awesome mercy through you guys. Thanks God bless and keep fightin the good fight. “I can do all in Christ who strentghens me” Glory be to Jesus Christ… aleluya

  82. watenya isaac

    Hi there, thanks for the advice, i got into the habite of masturbtion when i was 12 and for the last 13years i have been masturbating. what has cauhgt my eyes is that the longer you masterbate the harder it becomes to stop i have just stoped the habite and do not hope to look back with God’s help. you to can claim the victory but first DEAL WITH THE ROOT OF THE HABBITE WHICH IN MOST CASES IS PORN AND YOUR THOUGHTS nice time

  83. My heart goes out towards to all the men struggling with these problems. It is not healthy to masturbate since it invites fantasy to enter the act. Pray to God, who loves you very much, and pray for forgiveness and repent from your ways. I’ve had to ask for forgiveness thousands of times it feels like, but atr least I know I’m not alone.

    God bless you for this article.

  84. I feel an incredible rush when i know i will be alone, because i realize it would be the perfect to do it. Almost like a drug addict anticipating their next fix. and thats what GOD has opened my eyes to. i always wondered why or how could someone be addicted to drugs;something that does harm to themselves. But its the addiction spirit, and i realized that i am as deeply entangled as someone who drinks or does drugs. Perseverance. i saw that word in a earlier response. i think thats about all that i can do. the race is given to those that endure. we will all win. stay encouraged. God doesnt put more on you than you can bear. And we can do all things through Christ that strengthens us. keep me uplifted as i do the same for all of you.

  85. i always felt alone and isolated in my weird world especially being a 37 and have been masturbating since 9 years old. sometimes i feel this problem will haunt me even when im old and wrinkly.i started to escape and retreat into my safe world to cut off from the reality of my troubled family life.i had an emotionally abusive father who drank heavily and made having a normal social life impossible for all of us concerned.i had no idea that that relief solution that i found would escalate into my present attractive and have never had problems getting male attention but i always got off and highly aroused on sex as in the dirty illicit kind and not the loving realationship kind.result being that i wrecked a ten year marriage to a loving reliable husband because i cut off from him emotionally and could not seperate my fantasy world from my real world any more.i became greedy and egoistic and nothing satisfied me this day nobody knows about my secret life.i run my own business and could afford to indulge myself and my time. when we seperated at least i gave him a new im paying the price.all the lust made me heady and i was unfaithful many times. just for the thrill of sex with strangers.still it was not enough. i needed more fuel. i made friends with a man who organized gang bangs for me. i will spare u the details but the road got kinkier and worse.i had to get out.i was on a high for days then would come crashing down only to need a stronger business was suffering,i was locking myself at home masturb for days on end stopping only to eat or nap a few hours.i was exhausted.ihad tried therapy in the past and put on antidepressants to treat my horrible bouts of depression.and its true they seem to stabilise your sex drive.istarted taking them again and tried to get in control of my life with more defeats than successes.but at least i quit sleeping around.these last two years ive been in a relationship and really trying hard to make it work and change my life.i cant understand why i find it so hard and keep getting urges.he is gorgeous and passionate and hes 27,ten years younger than me.i was feeling really better lately and confident but now im ruining everything again.i thought i didnt need the pills anymore and started to reduse the dosage the same time my boyfriend had to go abroad for two months for work reasons.hes been there a month now and at first i resisted,keeping myself busy at work even though dirty sex was flashing in my mind constantly. until i exploded. itook time off work and have been sitting in front of my computer masturbating non stop for the past 8 days.ive hadly slept and hardly eaten,havnt answered the phone nor the door ‘the house is a mess and im sick with mysef.but i cant even afraid to go out anywhere cause i dont trut myself not to get picked up because of the sexual frenzy im in.tonight i took a rel long shower and swore tomorrow id get the house and myself cleaned up and return to work on wednesday.something made me look up mast addiction and i found this site b4 switching off.whoever created it is my hero as he wrote fluidly yet simply and made me feel human again. i cant believe there are so many people out there battling daily like sorry for writing so long but its been a relief to share this for the first time.i hope i didnt freak anybody out especially being a woman as its even more taboo.thanks to anyone who finds the time to read all this and to anyone who really appreciate it.hug to all and thanks again. sandra

  86. thanks alot u guyz 4 dis site. i have been masturbating everyday 4 d past 8 years nw n im 21 n still finding it difficult 2 stop. its hard nt having some 1 to talk 2 about it. it has completely eating up my social life. im alwayz tird som1 pls help

  87. I’m writing to say thank you for your piece. To have such advice for free and in a such an accessible matter really is something to be proud of. I’m sure your work has changed the lives, to any degree of all of the men who have written here.

    That final paragraph, where you talk of never failing unless you’re refusing to stand up and start again is the best piece of advice I have ever heard. Looking at the amount of men who have written on this board is a real testament to your words, so thank you. Not just for me, but for anyone else who loves someone enough that they are willing to stop no matter how difficult things will get.

    I am a lucky individual. I don’t masturbate daily, but I can clearly see myself stooping to that level, so to find this is a blessing. I don’t think I deserve it, but, for that, I’m going to begin again. I’ll do it for whatever put us on this Earth, and for the lady that I love.

    Thank you,

    Kind regards,


  88. Masturbation and pornography can be devastating, a lot of us at one time would have shrugged that off as complete nonsense, some of you may still brush it off. But it’s the truth, and you might not understand it, and you probably can’t see it, but it’s like a virus that you can’t detect, it’s slowly eating away in you without your knowledge of it, the affects are gradual, but not quick enough for you to see it, but it’s there and it’s destroying your whole system, day by day, week by week, year after year. Mentally, physically, emotionally, spiritually, it’ll take it’s toll in every area a little by little until each area is corrupted. It messes with your mental state, so you won’t comprehend it. Physically it’ll show up in different minor ways (fatigue, loss of focus), in such ways that you’ll disregard it as natural and won’t even connect the two. It’ll take you for emotional roller coaster rides, highs and lows, after the rush (ride) is finished you’ll soon want that rush again. But you won’t limit yourself to one ride, you’ll want to try new, more dangerous and exciting rides, the original thrill was good, but you want more, you want something different and you’ll search for that ride until you find it, no matter how much time it takes, it’s your # 1 priority at the moment, nothing else matters but finding that rush again. You won’t know what hit you. Hey, it’s just natural, everybody gets depressed sometimes, who doesn’t feel anxiety at times? Private time, I need my alone time away from everyone else and the world, that’s normal. The mood swings, the stress levels, the isolation, the virus slowly has hijacked your system and has taken firm control of all major battle fields. But you still can’t connect the two. One of the main duties for the virus is to weaken any potential relationship with God, showering you with guilt, pity and self-worthlessness.But still it tells you that there’s nothing wrong with you and that this is normal. Besides, you know you like it, you know you need it, this is you and it’s good enough, just accept it. At this point, fighting the virus without the right removal tools, is pointless, it’s set up camp and has developed strategic plans to combat any opposition.You try to stop it, you better believe it’s going to come back at you harder, stronger and more powerful.You better be ready. It knows your weaknesses, it knows your thoughts, it knows every little detail and uses it to continue to reign and suppress over you. And you can’t negotiate with it, the virus doesn’t like negotiations, it’s a dictator, it wants full control and power. Unless you can completely remove it from your system, it’s going to keep developing new and innovative ways to bring you down. You can’t keep it around, you can’t quarantine it, as long as it’s still there, it’s a threat to completely take over your system again.

    First hand I can tell you that this has been the one major stumbling block that changed the course of my life. It’s not the only thing, but it’s played a huge role. Isolation, depression, anxiety and complete lack of self worth and confidence over many, many years indulged in this. It screws your mind, it’s really not much different from taking hardcore drugs. It steals your ambitions, your true imagination, your hope, and to the extreme it hinders the course of your future. Family, school, friends, work will all suffer from this. Maybe the worst part about it is that you never gave it much thought, it just always seemed natural and normal to me. I didn’t think of it detrimental or wrong. I didn’t know that it was corrupting me and stealing my life from me. I didn’t see it, I was blind to it.

    Look, this is great information on this site, use it. I will, and yes I’m still fighting this, but I can finally see some light at the end of the tunnel. You owe it to yourself to try and see how life is without this terrible virus, I think once you see how it can be without it, you’ll hate it for what it is. I think that’s the key and I’m striving for that, I don’t want to just avoid masturbation and pornography but I want to hate it with a passion for what it’s done to me.

    Some of my tips:

    -Diet is always key with everything, how you feel, how your mind reacts. Eating healthier can only be a good thing. A cliche, but it’s damn true, you’re what you eat. Cut the processed foods out to a minumum, go more organic, eat more fruits and vegetables. Eat fish, eat chicken (not fried). Avoid fast food like the plague. Watch the movie fast food nation, you won’t eat Mickey D’s again. They literally make sh-t taste good with chemicals.

    -Avoid caffeine and sodas and drink LOTS of water. I can’t verify this will have any benefit to the situation at hand, but it’ll be so much better for your overall health.

    Personally I’ve felt LESS desire and craving to masturbate and view pornography since I started eating healthier.

    -Exercise, cardiovascular. Get your heart pumping, your blood flowing any way you can. Not only will it make you feel better, but you’ll get in shape, get stronger, more confident about yourself. Workout, lift weights if you can, push-ups, etc. This is a good way to take your mind off things and also release any stress.

    -Don’t use moderation as a crutch, smokers like to cut down, but everybody knows you can’t truly quit smoking without giving it up, period, no and, ifs or buts. You keep it around and it’s going to continue to hurt you, in fact, some people start to smoke even more after. Some lucky ones can get away with it and eventually quit for good, but that’s not often. Saying you’ll cut down on masturbation and pornography is compromising with the enemy, as long as he’s around, you’re in danger. They say “keep your friends close and your enemies closer”, that’s not going to work here. Eventually you’ll be back behind enemy lines and under full attack again.

    You owe it yourself, I owe it to myself, we all owe it to ourselves to see how life can be without this ruling over us.

    And last but definitely not least, ask for Christ to help you through this new path you have chosen. You will need it, because only He can truly break you free from bondage, once and for all.

  89. I really must thank you for this site i hve struggled with this problem for 8 yrs and i think that i might finally be able to get rid of this horid addiction. Its funny thoug. People say to smokers “why don’t you quit” and they say they can’t, well this is the same thing only those of us who find this site are trying to do something about it and to make our lives better for us and more pleasing for God.

    Thanks a lot you have really helped me out.

  90. Hi,

    I am addicted to masturbation to the point that I cannot ejaculate when having sexual relations, only when masturbating. I am really depressed. My relationship with my girlfriend is seemingly comming to an end, mostly due to this. Having your tips at hand, will certainly make my life easier, and in the case of a break up, know what I must do before finding someone else.

    So from the bottom of my heart and soul, thank you.

  91. wow..thank you so much for this article..this is the 2nd article i’ve read about stopping masturbation/porn addiction. But this one really explains more to me. I started masturbating way back when i was 4 years old. I hadn’t known that it was any wrong until around 11 yrs old. I stopped masturbating for about 5 months when i was 11, but ashamed, i continued this .. I still cant stop it…but i really will try my hardest to stop this. I’ve downloaded the monitoring software. I realised that i always masturbate when i watch pornography, or later in the day. When i see the opportunity to masturbate…most of the time i take it. For example, when im home alone or no-one is awake or whatever. Thank much..i really hope i stop this .!!

    God bless you!

  92. Desperate for help

    I am so grateful for this article and the ability to read the comments of others who are struggling. I know this was primrily geared towards males however as a female I have found it very helpful. I have been masturbating since I was ten. I am married now for a year and I still seem to maturbate and watch porn. It happens like one or twice every three weeks but it still feels disgusting. I am definately going to try some of the techniques listed here. It makes the struggle a lot more bearable when others are fighting just as you are. I know that God understands and cares about us. Keep fighting, we can overcome.

  93. I now know that masturbation had been affecting my school work and i always wanted to stop. I was an A student, but that all changed after masturbation. I couldn’t enjoy life as it was. Now I know that it is bad. I choose to stop, but I will persevere to stop it.

  94. Well, guys aren’t the only ones who have this problem. It has taken hold of my life ever since I was a kid. I’m over all a good person, generally speaking. I was a good student, I don’t drink, I don’t swear, I don’t smoke or do drugs and even have a loving and close relationship with my parents, family, and three very close friends. While I’m certainly far from perfect and can certainly not claim to be otherwise, I suppose I felt that this was my vice that made me “normal” and like everyone else. I suppose that it was my private and secret way of showing those kids up who called me a “teacher’s pet” and “goodie two shoes” or considered my too mature and old for my age. It was my way of being a normal kid, a normal college student, a normal person…but I know now (well, I’ve known for a long time) that it turned into my way of destroying my self-confidence, eating away at me from the inside out. Thank you, to the guy that wrote this and made up this site. Thanks on behalf of all the girls that struggle with this problem, too.

    God has a plan from me and I don’t think this was supposed to be a part of it. If I truly desire to fulfill His Great Commission in my life, this needs to stop…and even though this may be the 100th time I’ve made this promise, this is the first time I’m making a promise somewhat openly. I’m going to stop. By the grace, power, and strength of the Holy Spirit, I’m going to stop.

    With Christ,
    a DAUGHTER of Christ

  95. I have been masturbating since I was around 13 years old (now 23), and like many people commenting here I believed it was entirely harmless. I didn’t realise the potency of the negative effects. Recently I have been spending hours searching for new material and on occasions masturbating 3 times in a row (my record was 8 times in a day).

    The truth is, the feeling after ejaculation is one of utter disgust and shame towards myself. The shame is ongoing because of the fact I keep my masturbation addiction secret. While in the act of masturbation you’re in a trance which protects you from this guilt, but once the ‘deed is done’ this all comes rushing out at once, amplifying the guilt and shame.

    I recommend anyone struggling with giving up this addiction to draw two columns on a a piece, headed Pros/Cons. Under Pros list all the benefits of masturbation and under Cons write down all the negative effects. I did this exercise and managed to list about 10-15 Cons and only about 3 Pros. I’m sure you will find the same.

    Another exercise you can try to change your beliefs about masturbation is the ‘4 Question’ technique. On a piece of paper answer these questions:

    1. What will happen if I do change
    2. What won’t happen if I do change
    3. What will happen if I don’t change
    4. What won’t happen if I don’t change

    These may seem like the same questions but it allows you to explore your beliefs from different angles. This is a popular technique taken from the area of NLP (Neuro-linguistic Programming). If you really want to make giving up a lot easier on yourself it is essential you explore your beliefs around masturbation and change them, e.g. ‘It feels good’ might be your reason to continue, but by reframing that belief to ‘The feeling of shame and guilt afterwards outweighs the extremely short lived sensation of pleasure’.

    Good luck.

  96. Dear writer and all reading this,

    I am a 14 year old boy struggling with this problem. thankyou for your words of advice and guidance. this is on problem that i dont want to live with. i want to be able to tell my kids about how strong their dad really was. thank you and god bless. i now know that it is normal to be in my situation, and that i’m not alone.

  97. god bless u all!!! allthough for all of us it is a massive struggle anything is possible with god, maybe we should persevere with him just as much as the techniques. as it says in the bible “faith as small as a mustard seed can move mountains”

  98. Hello everyone,

    Thanks for your posts. I have been very encouraged.
    To A Girl who posted above, thanks for your post as well, as a man i have been kind of the type of person you described as yourself. And I have been struggling with masturbation from age 13. But I am amazed to say after finding this site and reading your posts, I have found the courage to stop giving into my desires, especially the root cause which is fantasizing about sex. I now divert my mind to something else whenever i feel the urge to think of sexual fantasies and i don’t feel the urge to masturbate. After a very long time, I am starting to see wet dreams which I know is a natural process for the body. And I know this is happening because I have not masturbated for more than a week now, and all the testosterone being accumulated is the reason behind such wet dreams. This, I know is normal and is not harmful.

    But I am so happy that all those guilt and shame with masturbation is absent for the past week and I feel so much more happy. I just feel I have reborn. I can now spend time with my loved ones with so much joy. Before I would keep those shame and guilt hidden inside and kind of act on top as if I am the best social person in any given group. Now, I truly have no guilt and shame. Amazing!

    And not seeing porn on the internet was something I thought I could never come out of. Over the past week, I have not seen any, and all of this is because I read your posts and knew we are all together in this boat and I am not alone. People with this problem want to come out of this and so do I. So here are my posts to all of you who want to read and truly want to judge if it is possible to get out of this. YES! yes you can if you truly want to. Your body is under your command. Find the root cause of the problem, and solve that, not the symptoms like watching porn. There are some nice articles here on the site which i read and it helped me

    All the best and keep posting.

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  100. For the past 4yrs,I have been addicted .I start viewing pornography at a tender age of 12(now 16), a few months later I started masturbating .Every year since then, my newyear’s resolution was to stop masturbating but I never did .
    Thanks to this post and the encouraging comments of its various readers, I am free from masturbation( this post is timeless ,it was written in 2007and it spoke to me in 2009). May God bless the writer and everyone that commented on this post . As elvis said keep posting.

  101. when i was reading this article ,at the same time i was downloading a porn movie ,,,,when i reached reading half way through ,,,the download got finished and started automatically..and i did it again,,,,after that i read the full article and deleted that movie which i downloaded ….m serious ,,ppl like me are dying here ….and now i finally controlled myself,,,,coz i wanna set my life and my body,,,,,plz stop as soon as possible ,,the time u open ur eyes ,from that time only ur morning starts

  102. I did beat masturbation once when I was 19-22. Then I returned to it at age 23. I am 28 now and have stopped for 2 whole days. My whole problem is that I cannot form a relationship with a woman, I have massive social problems. I have never had a girlfriend in my life and the lonliness eats away at me so badly. That is the reason why I got addicted to porn & Masturbation. I am not gay ( as many people deduce )

    I had very bad acne as a 20 year old and it totally destroyed my self confidence, I have never felt any confidence in front of girls since then. My acne has still not cleared up totally, but it is about 90% there, i am trying hard to live healthily and treat it until it goes away.

    I really want to experience a normal loving relationship and marry a woman someday, but I first need to deal with my addictions.

    I would appreciate any helpful suggestions on my complex set of problems in life.

  103. newly changed heart and mind

    Thank you for this wonderful advice it inspired me to change myself and it made me think of how stupid i was to fall into this temptation with your advice i hope to change from the inspiration you have given i will try to never fall to this again, thank you so much

  104. Thank you for this wonderful article. I hope I can stop my addiction on porn and masturbation and now because of that, I’m usually tired and would want to go to sleep. I never wanted my parents to figure out why I’m always tired and masturbation has become my addiction since I was in junior high and now I’m a college student. It has been affecting my academics for I’m always tired and couldn’t study anymore for our lessons. And since my addiction started, my relationship with God has been like destroyed.

    BTW, I really really thank the one who made this wonderful article for giving me the guidance of how to stop the addiction. Maybe I will start now and ask for God’s guidance and wisdom. I hope God would help me and change me back into my clean self.


  105. Thank you for this wonderful article. I hope I can stop my addiction on porn and masturbation and now because of that, I’m usually tired and would want to go to sleep. I never wanted my parents to figure out why I’m always tired and masturbation has become my addiction since I was in junior high and now I’m a college student. It has been affecting my academics for I’m always tired and couldn’t study anymore for our lessons. And since my addiction started, my relationship with God has been like destroyed. And I would want that relationship be back for I want to be God’s instrument.

    BTW, I really really thank the one who made this wonderful article for giving me the guidance of how to stop the addiction. Maybe I will start now and ask for God’s guidance and wisdom. I hope God would help me and change me back into my clean self.


  106. Thanks. I know I’m a girl but this is the only helpful thing I could find. I’m pretty sure I can follow your advice and stop. I just feel really dirty doing it and it’s really getting under my skin whenever I think about it. So. This is day 1. I hope I don’t have to restart it.

  107. I just read Travis’ comments dated 3.18.08, he sums up the feelings I have as I have stopped masturbating and looking at porn.
    His nervous energy and stress he puts himself in is exactly what I do to my self. I push myself hard to achieve and it creates a tension that for many years was relived by “kicking back and jacking off” In the moment a great release, followed by such shame and guilt. It separated me from my family as a young teen and made me feel very isolated from my friends.

    Like so many of us, I started young, I was 12. I developed early so the feelings and tension of sexual drive were in me by 6th grade. That coupled with with the fact I was also endowed with rather big equipment only added to the tension. Almost all the boys were not as far along as me going into middle school. So getting noticed in gym class and not really understanding what the deal was became embarrassing. Yet I was driven from the tension to masturbate every day. Then as porn magazines found there way into my world it just got worst.

    All through high school it was a daily event, if I didn’t or could not for a few days, it was so up tight.

    I college I started working out in the gym every day, and went from skinny and in shape, think swimmer, to built, muscled up and ripped. I got in with a few guys that were serious bodybuilders, and discovered that all of them masturbated regularly. They were all on roids that upped their testosterone through the roof, and as many said “it was the only way to keep from going crazy” They assumed I did also and they were right. So there I was, I looked great, built like a god, had a much bigger that average package and was in a sexually charged environment every day. Where the norm was to look at porn or bodybuilding magazines and get off as often as you wanted. All that being expectable.

    At the same time I was trying to fit in to main stream social settings where my friends and family were kind loving and looking to me to succeed in school and life. It was very hard to control myself in these settings, and not feel like crap for what I was doing. Which i did feel all the time.

    I graduated from college and got a great job in my field, got married after a 2 year engagement. Luckily there was no internet at the time and being young and happy, I had sex all the time with my wife.

    But as work and kids came along, I slipped back into the masturbation as a way of relieving the tension. hen the internet came along and the access to every imaginable form of porn was at my finger tips.

    It destroyed my marriage. boy the shame and guilt. I was near 40 then and still working out like a mad man. I looked great, it top shape, very muscular and a complete reck inside. it finally hit me. I had to stop. All of it was so bad for me. So selfish. So destructive. The first few days were like going cold turkey. I did not think I could do it. but with prayer and learning to focus myself away from all that I learned to control myself.

    It took more soul searching and failures then I ever thought. But I finally had a clear goal in mind, a way of thinking about myself that was much more tender and loving, I learned to forgive myself and just be a regular guy. It took time to not need that very intense high you get from looking at porn and masturbating and finding other things to focus on that gave me as much depth and interest. But I found them.

    I am amazed at how good I feel every day. Do I lust for that past? Once in a while. But I have learned to feel the signals early and take steps right then to go a different direction.

    I am married again and she knows my past. She excepts it, mostly because I have put her first in our intimate lives, not the porn and my right hand.

    She is a much better fit for me sexually then the first. She is not shy about how much she enjoys sex with me. As I do with her. For being close to 50 we both have a very high sex drive. Our friends give us crap for this. As we all, as a group, joke about “how often” It happens. But for us it is what keeps us close and is what I have needed my whole life.

    Any man can overcome chronic, addictive masturbation and porn. In my opinion it takes two things, a belief, a deeply held belief in yourself, one that is loving and gentle. That you decide you are worth having a great life, unchained from destructive patterns. And it takes a deep spiritual awakening, a belief in God and his forgiveness and redemption. To help you see a better way of living.

    Thanks for this site, and for reading my story.

  108. Hey guys I’m 24 years old male..
    I been masturbating since I was 16 years old .. This has taken over my life and I hate it…I have a 2 year old kid and a 21 year old girld friend tha I have neglected cause of this problem..!
    my sex life at this age should be off the walls but since I have this problem its sucks…

    I’m glad I found this site ..

    Today is my second day noT masturbating an I’m noT gonna lie my nervs are all over the place..
    But I noe this has to stop.. Pray for me guys..

  109. Don't need it

    I am just like some of you guys who grew up with porn in the house wither your brother are uncle are dad had it laying around. I started around about 10 are so, been off and on, I had stop for some good years. I think about how my son is been raise up with no porn around the house and how much better of a head start he has over me as and better chance at not giving in to easy. I am stilling working on me and this website has help me alot. It’s funny how when a man seek knowledge and wisdom he always seem to find thank you everyone and Big thanks to my GOD.

    1. Hi, this a great website! I find it very encouraging indeed. Like so many of you guys I have struggled with masterbation since I was fifteen years old. What began as a curiosity quest turned into a private love affair that has just got way out of hand. Relationship after relationship was completely destroyed because of it and yet even now in my mid thirties I still am defeated. I don’t do it as much anymore thankfully but once or twice a week now is still too much.

      It has brought guilt, shame, paranoia, fear and low self esteem into my life. It’s time to stop it, even my marraige is in the process of breaking up over it. Even with all the negative side effects, it’s so powerful that I think to myself, I am finished, it’s got me.

      But you know what? It hasn’t got me because I am still alive and every day has fresh hope. I have come to the realisation that nobody can do this for me but myself. No pastor, teacher, counsellor can defeat this in my life only me and this is a great place to be. Lack of self confidence has told me that I cannot do it, in fact that I cannot do anything and right here is the source!

      I’m done with it, although I may fall, I will get up and beat this because I know it’s beatable now. Every day is a new day and I need to focus on a day at a time. I find that the more you do it, the more ingrained it becomes in your life, it’s like a rolling ball of snow, it gathers momentum. The I am not good enough train of thoughts has caused this to continue in me, I give up at everthing so easy, I get off half way through and cop out.

      I am good enough and you know what? What’s not good enough is masterbation, it’s obvious that it’s not fulfilling my deep desires, so it’s not good enough, how do you all like those apples? lol

      Anyway, thanks for the encouragment everybody and here is to a free life free from the shackles of masterbation addiction.

      God bless!

  110. am 15 yrs old and i’ve been struggling for 1 year trying to get over masturbation and 4 months ago i read what u wrote and it helped me. Now, i never masturbated for 4 nonths! Am really glad.May God bless u.:)

  111. i just want to let everyone know that they can quit cold turkey, even after 25 years of doing it! every day that goes feels like a rebirth. my personality has improved, i am more outgoing, i have more self-confidence and self-esteem, i am more relaxed, i am more at peace with myself, my relationship with my x-gf is improving and we are getting back together and going to get married, i am discovering newer and funner activities in life, my intellect and concentration is improving, my ability to continue my studies and work nonstop without this hedonistic disruption has increased, my productivity has increased, my body has undergone physical changes, my depression has disappeared, and my stomach has become flatter( why i have no idea), and i have become a new person. it has been the greatest transformation ever.

    i know you can do it. we are men. we are women. we are all strong and capable of great things in life and don’t need this addiction to keep us down. we don’t have to think about sex all the time any more and we can now all be liberated. come join us on the other side of having a fantastic journey in life, free of addiction. it is so awesome on this side. i can’t wait to see you in this beautiful, rich, sunny, happy existence. you can do it. i did! congrats to you for making this decision. woo hoo!

  112. So this is my time to join the 116 people before me in writing down my story. Firstly thanks to the author of the site and the articles within it.

    My story began when at 13 a group of 3 guys found 10 – 12 porno mags in a wood. Having taken one home I then experienced the “pleasure” of orgasm for the first time.

    During my remaining time at my parents home I continued masterbating to books.

    Once I had my own place I would occassionally get soft porn videos outs flicking through for the “good bits” or would look for films with sexual scenes in them. How many hours of my life have I wasted doing this for minimal pleasure and maximum regret. Unfortunatley this has continued throughout my life to date and I am now in my 40’s.

    The internet has taken me a step futher finding free feature length sites has now enabled me to choose whatever I want. At the same time my sexual relations with my wife have decreased and I am now finding it hard to orgasm with her. I know inside me the two are related but like many others am finding it hard to move away from the porn which is so varied and freely accessible.

    Currently not working does not help as I stay up later on my own (most of the times I have my problem) and get up later as there is little to get up for.

    I now need to take a vow to all of you anoymous people, God, my wife and myself to turn this around. I have tried before but like many others have never opened up like this before.

    Good luck to all of you currently struggling or who are resolving your personal situation. I hope I can do the same.I am going to need help and encouargement and hope through writing this it will help me to start on my path and to inspire others to do the same thing.


  113. i am roj and i Have been doing masterbathing for 8 yeras when i was in grade 3 i ahd never thought this could be an addiction ..if i am not doingmasterbathing daily i cannot sleep or i am unhealthy i have to do it i tried to controll many time. it is the graetest problem it is danger than drugs it is harder than drugs to leave it i am feeling mad about it now today i found this site and i am inspired of it ..i will delete all my porn movies pics all from now when i would like to masterbathe i will go to walk thanx to author a million times ..From now i will not do masterbathing this is my word today april28 2009 ….help me … i can do it its in my control thank you

  114. Wow. Just…Wow. I can’t believe there are so many people who are struggling with the same problem I have. I just read the post from A Girl,(December 29, 2008 9:15 pm) and I am simply astounded at how similar we both are.

    I am a 14 year old boy. I don’t smoke, drink, swear or any of those things. I have a loving relationship with my parents and family and have 3 God-given friends. I’ve always been the ‘Good Boy’ to those around me, even though I know how filthy I am inside my thoughts and secret actions.

    Unfortunately I was shoved into pornography when I was 9. Ever since then every day has been a constant battle. And I have lost many battles. But none have affected me in this way. Recently I made the unbelievably stupid decision to try out masturbation and I have been struggling ever since.

    Before the ‘act’ I always sit and think. And pray. And plead with God to take this temptation out of my path. To take away my free will in order to stop me from sinning. But almost all the time I fail to comply with my own thoughts. I enter a state of sin, of immoral thoughts and wrong-doings. It feels as if I am in another world of my creation. As if I am the only person in the world.

    When it’s over, however, I enter a state of deep depression and self hate. I wonder to myself “How could I have done such a disgusting and filthy thing to my body? How can I live with myself? Why did I do it?” It feels as if I just condemned myself to Hell. Later on I try to justify it, try to convince myself it is not a sin. I go onto website after website trying to find information, trying to prove it isn’t a sin. In the end it doesn’thelp though, and I end up in the same cycle every day.

    I am starting to realise that this addiction is pushing me further away from God. From salvation. From a loving and true relationship with a real girl. And I pray, every day, that God will help me, that he will give me the strength to overcome this throbbing temptation. I pray that he will save me. But now I know that I am definitely not alone.

    And now my prayers go out to you, my Brothers and Sisters in God, to all of us teenagers, boys and girls, to the adults who are struggling with personal relationships, to the teachers and preachers, the silent pastors, the ‘good kids’, my prayers go out to you for guidance and protection in our daily lives, for the strength to overcome Satan until the day our Christ comes, for ever and ever, I pray.

    Thank you to those who have opened up their hearts here.

    Yours forever faithful,
    Alain Alberts

  115. My turn to quit. I am a very successful 33 year old married guy with a 10 month old daughter. People look up to me as a role model in work and daily life. If only they knew about my addiction to masturbation since the age of 16. After reading this article, I believe my addiction is routed in loneliness. I travel every other week for work. Loneliness in these hotels is the devil that gets to me. The end starts now. I’m changing my routine and focusing on working out, take a walk, take a shower, etc. My thoughts and prayers also go out to all of you others (guys and gals) suffering out there. Stay focused and overcome!

  116. guyz and gals…this is akki…i am 16 male…i am just surprised after reading the posts..i thought it was only me who has this problem seriously..i’ve been doing it since i was 13yrs old…i’ve realized that b’coz of this habit of mine my thinking has drastically become so filthy and vulgar specially about girls…whenever i see a girl..i start having these kinda ugly thoughts which i dont really want to have…i have many female friends around me…many of them are like my best friends…i even have a girlfriend who is so lovable(she lives far way from me approx 1800kms)..before proposing her i just prayed to god that “god if u make her my girlfriend i wud quit masturbating then and there…i actually did it..but after a few months..i started it again ..but there is one thing.. i have never had any bad feelings about her…just b’coz of this i thought if i try to love everybody around and respect them like i respect my gf..i can quit it…and it really helped me.. …i respect them all but some or the other day i have those filthy feelings…even if u quit masturbating it’s too difficult to get off with these thought coming in your mind…it just destroys our relation with the society…i seriously want to quit this dirty habit and as well as these thoughts…it is really important to get rid of these thoughts…b’coz unless you stop it u’ll not be able stop your temptation…we all have to respect girls…and just try to change our way of thinking about them….
    now let me tell how i am trying to quit it…
    whenever i feel like doing it…i start listening to one of my favourite romantic songs…start imagining about a beautiful world…and try to divert my mind…it will help you alot…please try if u want to.. just engage yourself to the activity which you like the most except masturbating…

  117. hi,
    i am a athelete , i have desires and ambition.i am doing mechanical engineering ,these addiction came to my life when i was 13 the being i didnt think its wrong are right ….now iam 20 years…iam suffering a lot because of this stupid idiotic addict…it like a drug addict….i lost my personality ,intelligence,memory power, body shape, strength….i tried a lot to overcome these addict ….in these world sins are growing faster compared to righteous thing… studies is affecting …..please if you have any solution …i definetly overcome this addiction……

  118. Im 26 i have lost the love of my life from my addiction to porn. i started watching porn when i was about 15 when we got our first pc at home and taught nothing of it. i didnt realise how bad things were till it was too late. i have been with my exgirlfriend for the last 2 years and i have watched porn almost every night in secret. my girlfriend tried to help me by scratching some of my dvd’s and she even got me an artical about porn addiction but i just got angry and wouldnt believe i had a problem. i lost my lobedu and made my girlfriend feel she was unattractive and like i didn’t want her, she starved herself to try look more attractive for me, i feel sick when i think how bad i let things get. she eventually broke up with me and now hates me, i am left depressed and suicidal. im filled with regret and shame. i have destroyed my porn collection and will never watch it again. i hope reading my story will stop someone messing up their life as much as i have. ill pray for everyone to beat their addiction.

  119. i just want to say to whom ever wrote this, that you’ve helped SO MANY guys with this…after reading the article i read some of the otehrs’s comments and you really helped with not just me but others.
    i have a masturbation problem..i hate myself for it and i hate doin it..its actually leading me to pornography and thats when i knew i needed to stop. so today i got on the internet and decided that i needed help. something told me look up ‘masturbation’, little did i know that the hint was right there on the web was link to your site and it was the answer to my problem.
    THANK YOU SOOO MUCH! I started when i was 12 and am now 18, and today..I’M STANDING UP! i know i need help and i’m not afraid to admit it! today i begin my adventure of stopping this awful addiction and thanks to you!
    i encourage any guy out there to seriously read this article and think about it…think about if you really want to continue to throw your life away…God be with everyone of us who has this problem (no matter it be masturbation or porn)! Good luck to you and me!—thanks again!

  120. Hello, World. I am a 18 year old student. I have been masturbating ever since I can remember… and I can perfectly remember when I was 5 years old. I suspect that my problem started in a ‘natural way’. Before I went to sleep or some other time while I would lie down, I would mimic sex by rubbing my body against the sheets. Even then, I was stimulated by images of naked women. Of course, I did not have the faintest idea of what I was doing at first, but for some reason I always felt it was ‘wrong’.

    Back then I obviously did not get an erection, nor did I ejaculate until the time I was about 11 or 12 or 13 when my body gradually started developing. By then I figured out what the hell was going on, and I had amassed an enormous complex of self-hatred and guilt. Strangely, my mind sort of divided my life into two parts – life without masturbation and with. At boarding school I would never masturbate (at least, for the first few years) perhaps because of fear of someone finding out, waiting until week-ends. I was top of my class for my entire school career, athletic and popular, played sports and did music, debating, etc. and somehow managed to shuffle masturbation into its own separate chamber. However, I would never admit my one dreadful secret…

    For my entire life I masturbated, on average, at least once a week, ranging from twice a day to once every two – three weeks. I tried to fight against it for my entire life and could not succeed. Being an absolute perfectionist, this sole dependency gnawed away at my core and always made me feel primal, inferior and uncontrolled. I could conquer my fierce temper easily, but had no chance against such a minor matter.

    Then, a year or two ago, I decided to talk to my parents (although they obviously knew!). This did not ‘cure’ me, but it was a definite step forward. I stopped watching any pornographic material (although masturbation was always a bigger problem) and scaled down masturbation. Unfortunately for me, it had become so hard wired into me that I often started getting chronic wet dreams. I would reprimand myself for getting wet dreams, but have no idea of how to stop. At University I masturbate around once every week, but I would get a lot of wet dreams (although I would not have been stimulated throughout the day) and often feel like I’ve slept the entire night with an erection.

    It is now the 24 of June 2009. Today I masturbated after reading a load of crap about the benefits of masturbation. And I felt real bad afterward. This may have been my last time… If you have any advice about stopping the wet dreams or erections, please let me know…

    I have gone from feeling alone in the world, to being confused and struggling to overcome this, to wondering whether it can be stopped. Despite this, I am an intensely happy person (when I am not masturbating) and want to figure this out…

    Being arrogant and stubborn, I don’t give up and I don’t take short-cuts. I want to stop masturbation completely. One day I want to have a fairy tale marriage with a fairy tale princess and masturbation kind of spoils that. When I reach the one month mark, I’ll let ya know. Wish me luck…


  122. Hi there, seriously i want to appreciate the name of God who gave you the wisdom to establish this site. I have been into this act of masturbation together with homosexuality for the past ten years now. But thanks to the almighty God that i was able to overcome that of homosexuality life for the past one year now. But as for this so called masturbation i find extremely difficult to stop.I have seen your write up on how to overcome this dastardly act and i pray and hope that while putting it to action will help me stop this act-for i cant wait to stop it. I hate this act and i seriously want to stop it. It has gotten into my memory to the extent that i can not been able to control my ugly thought again . Please equally assist me with ur daily prayers or you just connect me to any powerful man of God u know so that together with praters i can battle it once and all.Thanks alot.

  123. I am very much glad to have read this article. I think I am going to start the programm and positively I hope I’ll make it this time. I once stopped the thing for about 2 months, unfortunately, i went back to it, and now the situation is more worse.
    I really wanted somebody to talk to about it but that has just been so hard to do. I found many articles on the internet but they never helped me. I even tried to find some direct advices from the websites but nothing. Sometimes I even thought of seeing someboby like a psychiatrist or psychologist.
    Now I have learned something. There’s no need of all that. I just have to be the master of my own mind and stand up whenever I fall. And without forgettong to get away from the causatives, and mostly, get rid of them.
    am going to use the calender system to mark my progressions. I wont consider failures as Declines but just Slips, I’ll get up and seek for progressions.
    It’s hard ofcourse to turn this automated thing in my body in a reverse way. But I think I’m going to figure out the reasons why am doing this and tune my mind to something else and something new and something that can make me happy.
    Thank you very much, I really hope the next time I’ll be writting in this place it’s gonna be about telling others how to get rid of that thing. Im very much looking forward to that.

  124. I am just thrilled to read the article. All most all of us have the same problem. I first started when I was 19. I had just been to a friends house & I saw a beautiful girl ther. When I came back & remembered her, I had sudden discharge. At night when I again remembered her, I again had discharge. From then on it became a pattern. With the arrival of the internet, I got addicted to porn also. Several times I got frustrated trying to giving it up but in vain, however, I always kept that to get frustrated is the first step towards defeat. U should not allow your mind into another vortex of negativity. This article has been a boon.
    The mind gets attracted to pleasant things/activities. When the activities r repeated it turns into addiction. We have to try to make the mind addicted to other pleasant activities. Being active always and engaging in some outdoor activities/games is one of the best ways to rid yourself of addiction, the mind gets diverted. Slowly it has to be trained for de-addiction. I have some more things to say- I ll do that next time. Meanwhile best of luck to everyone

  125. Thanks for this article. It’s now 2:19am and I have been reading this the last 1hr and a half instead of looking at porn… which is a plus. This battle will never be over but I, we have the strength to beat this because we’re better than this! If you fall off the path, brush yourself off and get back on it again! Ive been doing this since was 8 and I’m 21 now, I’ve done alright but I feel my potential hasnt been reached. This definatley has affected my social skills, whenever I talk to women that shame, that fear that they know is always in the back of my mind. At least by finding this site I’ve made the first step, I’ve commited and thats something I can be proud of. I thank my God for his faith in me and guidance and I want to live the rest of my life for and under the service of him, not what the world or society or peer groups or attention from other people dictates what I have. If you feel you’ll never have a girlfriend or live your life alone I’m in the same boat brother, don’t feel no shame, there’s many of us, life is to be lived. The worst thing is that porn needs to get worse more shocking to get that high, and the ceiling only goes so high. Hopefully you’ll be like me and realise ay early before i gets to the bad stages and realise it’s a slipperly slope that can only get deeper. Even if you do fall back in, don get down on yourself just move on and be better prepeared for the next batlle. Good luck to everyone who reaches this page and to me whether we never masturbate again or even if we fall back in tomorrow, our new life begins now! God bless

  126. Mr.Stopping Masturbation

    I truly with my heart have tried for 2 years to quit masturbating. I have had many successes(monetary and educationally) in that time period, but I believe if I can stop the potential for me to study and work would be unbelievable and tell the girl I love, that I can truly love her. I strongly appreciate people like the makers of this post who wish to help people and change the world in a positive way. I will never forget this, and I will try with all my heart to stop because it limits so much in life.
    -May all gods of every religion bless you, the fighters to help this world and especially the writer of this blog.
    and again thank thank thank you.

  127. I’m 16 and this addiction is really hurting my life. I’m really glad I’ve found this site cause I’ve had enough and it’s time for me to stop and I really hope I do.

  128. It is wounderful to see the right response to avoid masturbation and to kick that nasty habit. I am 50 Years old and I did masturbate since I was 14 years old. What a wasted time.

    I went to Bible College and to Semianary and God never could use me because of I never alowed myself to get out of deniel and go to innerhealing and to kick that masturbation addiction.

    Now I’m free from M for 28 days and I feel so pure and have so much joy in my Life. My spiritual life is wonderful. Now I have to admit that I stumpled once because Dobsen and so many other “christian internetsides” give thier blessing to masturbation. I personally think about heresy…
    I went through a loop again and I felt that the great joy had left me and the Lord Jesus was distant to me again…

    But I got up from my fall and asked the Lord Jesus for forgiveness and to take his rightful place at the throne of my heart. I read the Book of romans a lot. Epecially romas 8. I believe that we can’t defeat the powers of darkness by ourself. One of these power is the demon of Lust. We can not fight it, but the Lord Jesus can. I Ask the Lord Jesus many times to chase that Demon of Lust away. And he laeves.

    I believe the right way to get a pure heart is to go through inner healing and to cut soul-ties to former relationships and to ask the Lord for forgiveness for every person who did me wrong . Then ask for forgiveness for people I did wrong and I sak the Lord to restore them and to restore myself
    For me it is a very intensive process. I also ask for forgivenes for immagenary immages and to break down all the altars of Lust full immages in my heart.

    All I can say, the Lord has restored me to sexual purity and he is restoring me day by day in other areas. I know I’m not alone…This why I’m writing this to encourage others…Live is such a joy to live in purity and to realy be an authentic Christian.

  129. for sandra and other girls.. i am happy to know that there are still women who understand the problem of addiction and having relationship to christ.. im a guy… many said im a good looking thats why i notice many girls have a crush on me but its only for the first sight. when they able to know me better many of them change their feelings on me, they dont like me anymore why? because im borring and weird and its bec. of that stupid habit of masturbation… it ruins my social life and my love life.. until now im single 20years old and in the fighting process, i somewhat
    able to fight for many days and experiencing many benefits and i became closer to god and i hope when im already overcome this thing, i am praying to god to meet the girl of my life who understand or experience this things( i do not mean that they sexualy active so thats why i like to marry her, what i mean is i want a girl who has a very close relationship to christ so that we can relate to each other bec. we understand both our feelings and experience and so that i can tell whatever i want without beeing shy to her.) thats all.. we can do it!!! I know with the help of god we can overcome this..

  130. hmmmm. im just curious can anyone answer my question please… what do you think is the way to overcome this habit.. between these two.. 1. to stop doing it totally or 2. to try the step by step for example: i am not doing it for 15 days, after i successfully done it i will let my self to do it for once only, afetr that i will aim for 20 to 30 days of not doing it and so on….. until i able to resist it for 1 or many of years and to stop doing it totally. what do you think.. bec. it is very difficult to stop the habit that you already acustom with for many years, someone says… you cannot stop it by forcing yourself to stop totally unless you start slowly. please someone im just wandering….

  131. I think I’m going to cry! 🙂

    I’m so happy I found this! I really don’t know what to say! I’ve felt like a prisoner in myself for the last 7 years! FREEDOOOOOMM!

    I’ve been trying to break it all on my own, but was starting to get disheartening. After you fall down for the milionth time… it’s harder to find hope than an excuse. man….

    you should write a book 🙂

  132. i have never in my life seen any article on masturbation so realistic and sincerr,masturbation 4 me has been d most challenging experience in my cos i have prayed and promised 2 stop a hundred times and yet kept falling,but after reading your article a fresh energy just ran through me,i feel stronger and more tready to face the coming days,weeks,months, and years of my life.masturbation out of my life 4 good will make me handle depression and frustration better and help me serve my GOD better and a more purely and wholy.i am 19 and started mastubating at 15,nd i think i should have masturbated more than 500 times or so .IMAGINE THE WASTE

  133. Your Future Wife

    Hello my future husband.
    It’s great that your to take action and stop masturbating.
    I know you can do it… Just think about me, I am waiting for you, saving myself for you. I know the struggles you are going through are hard, but please stay pure for me. Someday, maybe you can help our future son by helping him to not get into pornography or masturbation. He’ll look up to so much for how far you have come and how much you love him. You can share this story with him of the day you decided enough was enough.
    Dear, please don’t let your mind wander, please don’t think about having sex with that woman, don’t let your eyes peer down her shirt… I love you. I’m here, maybe not with you right now, but I’m here and if you keep this a secret forever, it will hurt me, it will hurt our marriage.
    Please stay pure for me as I try to stay pure for you. Don’t lower your expectations, I won’t lower mine. 😉 wait for me my love. As I wait for you, I’m so proud of you for taking this step to not masturbate and look at porn, really I am. Please hold strong, keep the faith, love and joy. I cannot wait until we finally meet.

    All my love,
    Your future wife

  134. Well, this is the first time that I have ever posted a comment on a blog. I am a 43 year old male that have been masturbating and addicted to porn since 16 years old. I am a christian and I have failed so many times at trying to stop. I have almost lost my wife 18 years several times of the evil problem. My sex drive is out of control. I will spare the details but I feel that I can never get enough sex therefore I masturbate instead of going out and having an affair. I think God for this site and I thought I was the only person that loved God and struggled with this evil problem. According to the Word of God, certain demons only come out by fasting and praying. I am going on a 40 day fast starting on Nov 22 to the Jan 1. Fasting from certain foods but fasting from this evil that has cost me my purpose and destiny in life so far. But not another day will go by without me putting up a serious fight to win and masturbation and porn addiction. Thank God for this site, it has given me strength by knowing that I am not alone. So everyone that is battling this problem read Psalm 51 from the message translation of the Bible and let’s pray daily for one another to overcome this evil plan. Love covers a multitude of sin. We are awesome people created in God’s image and no one is on the earth by mistake. The problem of masturbation and porn addiction was sent from the pits of hell for us not to reach our destiny.
    Yes, there are pastors, deacons, teachers, and other christians that battle this same problem but pride will not leave them be free. I am going to follow the plan that this site offers and if I fail then I am going to get back up again and pray and ask forgiveness and try to get it right every day that I have breath in my body. The problem will no longer keep me bound. I am free now. If you so desire please join me privately in this 40 day fast. Remember there is more temptation after the fast so be prepared. There is power in numbers. So let’s tear down this evil sin.

    Thanks again for this site. May God bless you beyond your greatest desire.

  135. hi im back again… just to share something, im not sure if it will help others but, in my situation it helps me to resist masturbation easier.. u know im a student teacher and i am so depressed because im not happy being a teacher and i lack many things in life and i am force to improve for my better future… but realy want to change and i am thirsty for improvement thars why i always do my and sacrifice things which can hinder my improvement like being lazy, masturbating and computer games.. i prayed to god to change me bec i cannot change myself.. at the same time i prayed to god to help me improve my skills and personality and i am realy serious about it…. thats why i put in my mind my priorities and goals. i do my best i study hard and do anything to improve my self(not only skills but in terms of maturity) until i notice that god starts to help me why? bec i realize that as i become busy improving my self i notice that i no longer masturbate within a long time. i realize that what god wants me to do( which is to relaize that i need to improve myself little by little) is for my own good. sorry if my english is like this but please just understand what i want to tell. ask god for wisdom s that you will understand things that you dont. i admit that im still in the process but i can say that what happen to me gives a great change in my life, im happy now bec i know that, the time will come that i will able to scape from this habit and at the same time i know that i am a new person now(Studying hard, doing my best, being humble and always aknowledge the will of god for me.. he is the secret of these change in me.. hope u understand my point, or you can ask god to give you wisdom for you to realize my point. i am not boasting im just making myself as a witness that god’s will is always what is best for us.. so make your goal and accept that all of us need to improve with the help of god.. hope this will help( and by the way i just also realize that its enjoy to teach students)

  136. My only regret is finding about this site yday wen i in the middle of watching porn. Am fed up with it but this post has shown me what i have neva want to come to terms with that i am an addict. Substancial or chemical abuses people can voice it out and seek help but millions like me outn there are shameful of ourselves to admit it even to our love ones not to risk the tendency of losing them or being shun for our satanic and stupid act in harming ourselves. I was someone in my early days the among 5 most brightest kid in my country and through my sixth grade i was tipped to come out first in the whole country didn’t happen i came out second due to one reason my cousin let me watch porn! everything around me start to change and started to build a strong interest in sex and spend hours thinking of it. I was also the fastest atlethe in the school use to run short distance and competetd my seniors and always beat them to the finishing line. Soccer i was a phenomenon that i nearly joined liverpool academy as they played my academy and i scored 7 goals against them. All this performance level started droping in my eight grade though not that serious until i missed a fitness test to my countries under17 world cup team i was really disappointed and don’t know how all this was happening. My grades starts to drop my love for education really dropped too i have a mother that will flay me alive if i don’t learn and thanks to her i manage to keep up above average when i should be at the top. I have a fair share of women and the funny thing is my performance in bed is excellent and i have been branded bed names like you fucking horse! I am 27 now i met the gal of my life we are very great the mastubation stuff is not getting on the way cuz i never believed this will be a problem but reading this post and the comments other sufferers posted. I have come to face myself and knows i have a problem and i told my gal about it yday to tel her my most dirtiest secret i just came out plain and was very supportive. Porn on the internet about from chelsea football club was an obsession and i have loads of porn movies on my laptop but guess what i have given them to charity in the recycle bin and emptied the bin. I didn’t mastubate for almost 24hrs a record i know it will be disturbing but i will try ignore it and try to rekindled my love for education which i have already started this morning. I am successful leading a dynamic marketing team for m company and the result are good but if i can conquer this addiction then i will be back to what my childhood days promised me. A word of advise i think the only solution to this problem is repentance a sincere one to God and admit our mistake and ask for his forgiveness and implore him to help us be strong to conquer this killer disease.

    May Allah help us all to fight this and all become productive in life

  137. I’ve tried so many times to fight that sinful act and keep away from it, but I kept on falling back into it. Whoever says masturbation is good for you, and should be done, and there is no side effects to it, is just spreading lies.

    I hate it. I’m tired of being a prisoner of my desires, and be such like an animal to when I feel a little spark I don’t control myself and run straight to masturbating. It just destroys you spiritually, and I feel so like crap after doing it for just a few moments of pleasure. I always feel remorse afterwards, which I’m glad, as it is that feeling that makes me fight to not go back to it again…

    It is all about controlling the mind, which I’m working on at the moment, and keeping away from things that would lead you to it. I’m only 20 years old, I thought my situation was bad, but after reading comments I realised some people have it terrible… I’m religious, so I can’t have sex before marriage, neither is masturbation permitted, but I’m just surprised to see guys are married but still addicted to masturbation… Wow

    getting married would probably be the quick solution to get rid of this filthy habbit for me… But I’m trying, and so far I’ve been away from it for just other 2 weeks. It is hard I’m not going to lie… It takes alot of of DETERMINATION… you literally have to control yourself, and not let your desires control you… best to be around people n keep urself busy.

    I just hope it hasn’t caused me to be a premature ejaculator, one of the problems of masturbation it causes that. It has already weakened my eye sight… Such an EVIL act, and sad so much youth is indulged in it…

    Some advice:
    If the first inward thought is not warded off, it will generate a desire, then the desire will generate a wish, and the wish will generate an intention, and the intention will generate the action, and the action will result in ruin and divine wrath. So evil must be cut off at it’s root, which is when it is simply a thought that crosses the mind, from which all other things follow on.

  138. I have suffored with this for about 3 Years and have tried to quit with little sucess i was masturbating at least 2 times a week and have onlybeen able to make it about two weeks tops but I have finally realized how to stop because of you thank you for all of your help and i have not only decided to quit but i am promising my God that i will. I belive if i follow your advice and have Gods help i can over come this horrindious sin thankyou.

  139. I’m a 42 year old masturbation addict. I’ve been doing it since my early teens. Always had lustful thoughts of girls since a young age. In my late teens, I was very promiscuous so didn’t need to masturbate, but by my mid 20’s, I stopped dating and got involved with viewing porn. It’s now been 20 years or so without a serious relationship and minimal contact with girls. I truly believed masturbation was harmless and a healthy way to release. I now know this is a lie, as I’ve recently tried to be intimate with a few different girls, and couldn’t even get hard. Yet when I’m alone, it works fine.
    It’s a if I’ve trained my mind into believing that intimacy is something you do alone, and not with partners. …I’m scared, embarrassed and isolated. It has ruined my social life, confidence and physical/mental health.
    I don’t know how to stop, but by finding this site, just knowing there are many people suffering just like me gives me hope and courage to want to change. I don’t want to be alone anymore…
    To all the young men out there – Please stop and get help… This will destroy your life like it did mine.


  140. Hi,
    I’ve had a masterbation addiction for five years now, and the longest sobriety period I’ve ever had was 4 months.
    For all these years it has been a secret, and I continued to live a wicked life. Then three years ago I learned that it was a sin, and ever since then I have tried to stop by myself. Today is the first day that I actually looked on a website to help me with this problem. I’m only 15 years old and my life is a slave to an addiction, but with the help of the Lord, I can beat this. Thank you to the writer, because you have helped me, Truly. Im going to start TODAY! I FEEL SO FREE, I JUST TO WANT SHOUT! IM FINALLY GOING TO SAVED!!!

  141. Thank You so much! I have been addicted for 2 1/2 years. I just want to thank you for this article

  142. Ive known ive been addicted to sex, porn and masterbation for along time. I just cant control it. That’s how i know im addicted. I tell myself everyday im going to cut back, but when that feeling comes over me i just give in. Everytime i get online i just have to view porn. When i meet women i automatically have thoughts of sex with them. Im getting better with not trying to have sex with every women i meet, but it’s hard and i tell myself that me masterbating and looking at porn will help me with that, but i know deep inside it’s just contributing to my addiction. I just dont know what to do. I feel helpless. I want to say im strong enough to conquer it, but id be lying. Ive been addicted since i was about 14 and im 30 now. And yes, i feel ashamed of it and i dont want to be open about it. I make small comments about it to friends, but i laugh it off and plus they never take me seriously about it either. I did tell my ex about it. I think she knew i was being honest about it, but her and i arent together anymore, so the support from her isnt available. I would like to be open about it to my family, but im nervous to. Not because they want believe me, but because i have to say im addicted to sex. It’s not like saying, hey, i have a drinking problem or i smoke too much weed. This is something so different. I just want to conquer this. I want to be strong enough to fight off the temptations. I want to get online without looking at porn. I want to go to bed without having to masterbate. I want to be able to be friends with women without thinking about having sex with them. Do you know the best place for me to start? I want to have control of myself. I dont even remember what it feels like to have control. I feel so lost. This has effected me more than i could ever describe.

  143. Thanks to the author for this extremely helpful writeup.
    I have been suffering from masturbation addition since I was 12 starting out unintentionally by ejaculating after looking at some magazines. Its been 13 years since that day and I have tried giving up masturbation many times unsuccessfully … Many a time I have been reassured by health columns saying that masturbation is healthy … It is not so … Its a spark that becomes a fire each act stroking the flame … Reading this column and the comments beneath has given me new hope …. My advise to my friends would be to isolate the causes/situations that cause you to masturbate and cut them off from your life … In my case its porn (movies, stories, pictures) … blindly saying to yourself or pledging will not be any good … strike at the root as the author says

  144. A million thanks to the one who wrote this article.

    I am very thankful that you wrote this article because most of us use masturbation to escape from reality, like me I masturbate and it’s very very hard for me to stop it, after I masturbate I swear myself I won’t do it again but sometimes there’s this urge or somewhat we call temptations that I lost control and did this thing over and over again and I search the web to find an encouraging words that could enlightened me to stop this kind of thing and I’ve read this article and it inspired me a lot to change myself into a better me….
    thank you also for the tips you have given.

    Once again thank you very much.

  145. Thanks for the article i will try to refer to it as often as possible, i have been with both addiction from the age of 13 and i am now 22. I tried many time but i just cant stop, maybe for a month or so then i started lusting after beautiful girls ,watching porns and then start to masturbate. Many times i’m at school i am so tired it kept me from doing my school work alot of times. thank you again and i hope it works.

  146. Thank you so much for posting this. I’m an 18 year old who has struggled with this for 7 years and I’m getting sick of it. I have tried many ways to kick this habit and I’ve gotten close but always end up returning to its filth. This was very inspiring and told me a lot that I didn’t know. It is also very comforting that I am not alone. Thank you all for posting your comments and good luck to all who are working towards this common goal we all have. Thank you!

  147. Thank you so much for spending the time to write this article I am 15 and I have been masturbating for over 2 years, I have countlessly tried too drop the habit but it never worked, I always felt dissapointed with myself and sad that I couldn’t stop, thank you also too all the amazing people that left comments, it helped me realize what I was doing to myself and that I am not alone. I am quiting today for good, thank you so much 🙂

  148. Thank you so much I keep promissing myself that I am going to stop and then I fail and I hate it I am usually a strong person and never thought I would be weekend by any addiction but with your guidence I can try again with new ammo. time to go and change my clothes and wash.THANK YOU !

  149. This has been an on going battle of mine. I could never admit it to myself as I saw it as passing time. I, like many of you, started viewing porn from an early age, what begun as a silly past time, ended up as being a life long battle.
    I am now 25 years, and the feeling of disgust has became stronger than before.

    I do not have the answer on how to stop this, but I, like many of you here, will try my best to understand my mental and visual triggers. I am an ADDICT, and I can safely says, I have started to admit this to myself.

    In the past, I used to watch as much porn as I possibly, to try to dissencitise my self from porn. But that did not work, it instead made me hate myself more. I am now willing to teach myself how to out grow my habit but I know it is going to be an uphill battle.

    I am thankful to know that I am not alone, and that I will be trying to restore myself confidence back. My eyes have grown tired watching porn, my mind is troubled by the stored visual images of porn, my testicles are tired of the semen wasted on toilet seats.
    I now know that my trigger is loneliness and being dishonest to myself. Long have I tried and fallen of the band wagon, but now, no more. The answer lays with me and has always been there with me. I just chose not to listen to it. 15years of watching porn won’t go away in a day, that I know, the difference now is, I am willing to take it one step at a time.

    To the person who started this Blog, thank you and thanks again to the community that has shared their embarrassing habits with the world.
    To those looking for answers on how to stop, first think of what made you start in the first place.

    Judging yourself also fuels the need to watch porn and to masturbate afterwards. I had this epiphany today.

  150. Zidane Alfares

    Hello everyone,

    I’m a 13 year old guy, I started masturbating since I was around the age of 5 or 6. I’m suffering from masturbation and porn addiction. I have recently stopped masturbating for 3 days. Before I stopped, I went and told my parents about it because I wanted to make sure if it’s fine or not, if it’s a part of growing up. My dad told me that it’s not fine until marriage. He told me that it’s a sin and I should immediately stop. I googled this subject and found Quran citations that told us that Muhammad (PBUH) said that masturbation is prohibited (I unfortunately forgot the citations I read.) Ever since I heard that it’s a sin, I immediately stopped. I went and took a shower to cleansen myself up. Here’s the problem: ever since I watch music videos that have girls that are almost named in them, my penis start to get hard. It also happens with my imagination. One of the things that made me forget about masturbating was playing FPS’s on my PS3 because I can get focused on the game and forget about masturbation. My father said that when I lose control and want to masturbate, I have to fast because hunger makes you forget everything. I will fast and fight to stop my addiction. Thank you for this post, it helped me a lot! 🙂

  151. The hardest part for me, is not only have I become deeply addicted to it, not only have grown to nearly hate it and find it so hard to forgive myself, but somehow, in the midst of all the shame, and dislike, and even pain, physically, mentally, and spiritually… somehow I’ve grown to love it. Not enjoy it… not want it… but actually love it, through all its flaws. And I think many people suffer from the same thing, whether they realize it or not. I’m terrified of moving on without it. As a Christian, it’s my biggest draw back. It’s like a really annoying sibling, or someone you fell in love with against all the odd. You know the flaws, you know the annoyances, you know the bad things about it, yet somehow, after putting it into your life for so long, somewhere along the way, you began to love it.
    I’m on my 7th day of stopping, and even though I have many supporters from my church, it literally feels like my body is slowly becoming more and more destroyed; unlike most people that I’ve known to stop, there times throughout each day that I am literally unable to move through the pain. And its not a pain a doctor can can, it’s all phsycological, and only God can help me at this point.
    Thanks for making the ariticle, it’s been a good help as well.

  152. Hi, Thanks for the suggestion. My reason for masturbation is feeling of having sex. When I feel to have sex, I masturbate so that I can control. Now I will try to narrow down and try to understand why I feel like having sex and you are correct, it happens to me when I go to bed and when I get this feeling of sex I don’t get sleep at all until I masturbate.

    Once I had deleted all the porn videos from my machine but when I get the feeling, I desperately start searching for porn videos in Internet. And, when I watch the porn videos then nobody can stop me.

    I thank you very much and I will update you once I am successful.

  153. Easy access to pornography on the internet, and lonely life, troubled marriage life, dependancy on sexual satisfaction through masturbation are some of the very common causes for creating problem even in married people around the globe, sex is a important factor in creating a strong bond in married life, if it is not there because of any reason then the cracks start coming up in the relationship, this is what happens if a husband or wife starts enjoying masturbation as a mean to satisfy sexual desire, then they do not feel to have actual sex with the parteners, emotionally unsupported relationship breaks easily, so advice is to avoid unnatural means to satisfy your sexual desire, its a wonderful site, nicely written article, and most important frank sharing of presonal experiences by the readers……you are all great help to the sufferer ….person in need… please continue sharing your valuable thought here
    instead make your spouse feel important

  154. Been into it since I was 16 or maybe 17. Now I’m 26. I can’t believe I’ve been doing it for 10 years! I’ve always been in denial about it being an addiction. 10 years?!?! *sigh* I even did it this morning, after a week without it… I’ve let this act ruin my life. I believe, what triggers it for me is hurt, and sometimes lust. For everyone who is into masturbation, it isn’t trivial, it’s a battle, and we must FIGHT IT! To the author, you did well. May God richly bless you.

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