How to Erase all Sexual Thoughts

Ok, so there is no way to erase thoughts other than perhaps amnesia. However, there is a way to not think of certain things, especially lustful things. It’s actually surprisingly simple since you are the master of your mind.

I learned this technique from a friend who was struggling with the same thing. He said this, “What works best is just not thinking of porn. Not only that but also not thinking about ‘not thinking about it’. I know this sounds too simple but trust me it works 100% of the time.”

I was skeptical. He was right, it did sound too simple and I tried everything and thought I had already tried this idea as well. The problem was I never really applied this method effectively. I was so obsessed with conquering my addictions that that was all I ever thought about. If you’re religious I should mention that the Devil loves this tool. It seems like it’s not from him since it appears like a great thing to be thinking about stopping an addiction. However, stopping an addiction starts in the mind. Whatever controls your attention controls your life.

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The key to proper implementation of this method is to remember that even thinking about not thinking about something is still in effect thinking about it. Ironic huh. Anyway, the goal is to think about something completely different whenever a momentary thought of the undesirable things enter your mind. This is not easy unless you have prepared beforehand with something at least almost as interesting as the addictive thoughts. You need something that will quickly take your mental attention off the sexually stimulating things and keep it off long enough for the wave of temptation to pass.

I will give you an example. I’m sort of an entrepreneur and love to think of new business ideas. That doesn’t mean I implement any of them. I just love to think about them and also talk to people about them. This is one of the only things that excite me as much if not more sometimes than thinking about lustful things. So in the event that I’m driving along and see a beautiful girl I will immediately shift my thoughts to some of my business ideas and keep it there. I’ll be honest; if I tried to apply this method by thinking about NASCAR then it wouldn’t work because that just doesn’t excite me.

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Whatever excites you in life, other than your vices, will become very helpful tools in you escape from addiction. Think of your hobbies or passions. Sometimes you may have to discover a new hobby or passion. I did this. I started experimenting with new hobbies and just trying things out to see what I liked. You’ll be surprised at the things you didn’t realize you would like.

Something to remember is you have more mental power then you probably believe you have right now. One of the goals of addiction, or the devil, is to cause you to believe you no longer have this power. The doubt and depression certainly don’t contribute to self confidence. However, you can climb out of this mental dark abyss and feel free again. It will just take more mental muscle than if you were already practicing self mastery. It’s not as hard as it seems or “someone” would have you believe though.

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Lastly, one more thing you should know, a thought entering your mind does not mean you have already given into a thought and you’ve done bad. That’s not true at all. Everybody, and I mean everybody, has bad thoughts enter their mind on a daily basis. What’s important is how you handle those thoughts, which is the purpose of this article. If you choose to dwell on that thought then yes that is bad but if you choose to control your mind and switch to another thought quickly then you have done well. Never get down on yourself though if you don’t apply this method well at first. It takes practice, somethimes a lot of practice which means a lot of learning from mistakes.

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  1. I just found your site. I’m glad someone out there takes the traditional view of masturbation as both physically and psychologically harmful (whether or not it actually causes blindness or whatever). It is hard to break the addiction when medical authorities are always telling you that it’s healthy (imagining trying to quit drugs or smoking if they told you it was perfectly healthy!), but the truth is God really did not intend us to engage in this behavior!
    I am a Christian struggling to overcome my addiction to pornography and masturbation. With God’s help and your advice I know I can overcome it.

    In Christ


    1. Hi Jonathan

      I also have the same problem, I’ve managed to overcome all other natural desires but struggling with this one. I can’t spread God’s Gospel if I cant break away from this, I need your prayers and in Christ name we shall defeat the enemy.

  2. I am not religious but for as long as I can remember about the only thing I have on my mind is sex. I have a loving beautifull wife and a perfict baby boy but I still can’t stop fantasizing about every girl I see. Thanks for the tip I hope to be able to gain controll over my vices.

  3. Thank you for this article. It makes all the spiritual and psychological sense. The bible says as a man thinks in his heart so is he. You are so right then when you say that we do have much more mental power than we realise. The more we think positively the more we build ourselves up to better people.

    Christian or not, realise that you have a God given drive to make great things happen, it begins in the mind.

  4. im so close to get my urges gone,the only thing left is the porn addiction
    i dont get aroused no more by myself. All of you here should work on contain-
    ing those lustful thoughts and it would truly work,but first u need a role model to keep you moving in progress.

  5. hi im new to this site and i just sent off for the seven steps wow i see im not the only one out there that struggles with mastebation and pornagrafy and bad sexual thoughts.and im also a christian and i hate those thoughts so im going to check out the programs here and go from there.thank GOD for this site .

  6. this is cool. i actually thought about this theory that “thinking of not thinking about something is in effect thinking about it” too when i was a lot younger, maybe 5 or 6 years ago. i tried to get rid of my addiction with that theory as well, and it worked well for a period of time.. dont really remember, but i think it was for about 2 or 3 weeks. but i eventually felt a need for it after that period, and returned to the addiction. it’s really frustrating coz i couldn’t find something else that could preoccupy my mind more than the addiction. u’re going on the right lines, but there’s certainly something missing there.

  7. Hey thank u so much. Porn destroys not just mr but my friends and family. I can’t do this without God.

    1. God never throws anything at you that you cant handle. Overcoming the addiction will strengthen your willpower to more than it ever has been.

  8. its strong in the mind it controls the body its the masterbation then the thinking and then the action and where it starts when your alone , you seem that you cant control it , and it gets harder and harder to resist i try praying so it will go away but the tempter the spirit of the air trows darts at us in this area , some people it will be drugs, drinking, gambling, but im there with you all its a struggle keep me in your prayers im trying deep down in my heart to stop these actions cause we can hurt other people to wheater gay or bi or straight, gby

  9. i have a problem i would like some help, i used to watch anime , but i left that , the problem is i watched all kind of animes even ecchi and hentai, and now i feel like watching some non nudes hentai scenes , and when that happens i get some sexual pleasure and orgams , im a little vouyerist , so i hope this thing works ,

  10. Oh its nice to read your article of self control of our mind in situations that seems hard to control at times. But the counsel applies where women are far away from our proximity.Besides, there always a question on my mind that why is sex more addictive to any other like cigarette, alcohol etc,. Nevertheless, we are men and get fantasize and seduced to women bodies whenever we come in touch or come across with female especially in work place, so plz let me know how to control my lascivious thoughts in these times.

  11. Its my first time checking your site and I must say, its powerful. I have struggle with porn for years and its about time that I stop. Its good to know that I’m not the only one having this problem and I got motivated by people’s comments. I got Born Again and I’ve managed to overcome all other sinful ways but am struggling with this one. From now on I’m going to view this site every time I’m on the net to keep going. Thanks

  12. i keep going back to porn, i cant stop i dont want to look at those pictures but whenever i go on the computer i just do 🙁 i will work hard and try to follow the steps you outlined but i am just having a hard time 🙁 i feel so ashamed

  13. i keep going back to look at bad pictures whenever i go on the computer and i just cant stop myself i will try to do what you said worked but i am having a really hard time 🙁 i feel so ashamed and guilty right now 🙁 i will say this though it feels good that i am not the only one battling porn

  14. i am having a really hard time, it seems every time i go on the computer i find myself searching up bad pics, i will ask god to help me because i cant do it alone, i read that if you preoccupy your mind with like hockey or some hobbies it helps, but whenever i am on the computer i just cant stop myself i feel so ashamed and guilty

  15. daughter of Christ

    I am a girl, who also struggles with the same thing. I am also quite young, just 16 years of age. When I look now, and into the future, I see myself corrupt, and weak for surrending myself to such thoughts. But I have also learnt that it won’t end there. There must be a reason, why God has still kept me alive, after all we can die anytime, as time is unkown in the future, it is not set in stone. So from taking this is, I was able to understand, that God is calling me to him, away from corruptness, I will definitely be able to conquer anything with him on my side. I refuse to make an excuse for my actions, no matter what past I may have had, because I am mad, because I knew God so well, and he was protecting me, but I rejected this, and gave myself up to these thoughts. It is all about will power, sure it is not simple take it from me a weak person, but strong with God. This is but a journey. I know that this is something I shall conquer, because the battle is not for me to be rid of these thoughts becuase it doesn’t feel right, but the battle is for me to make sure nothing comes in between my self and my relationship with God. The least I can do with my life is follow him, and give him the chance to get to me. Sure I’d love to have my own family one day, and many other things. But I know that all I should do is focus on my relationship with my heavenly Father Jesus Christ, because it is all in his hands, that is why we all get these thoughts, because we forget to rely on God. Sometimes, these thoughts come also, because we simply go astray when bad things happen to us, or simply are just tempted. BUT NEVER SHOULD WE FEEL ASHAMED OF OURSLVLES EVER, NEITHER SHOULD WE FEEL GUILTY. This is because we are created in God’s image. We are his children, don’t forget that, know matter what age or gender we are all his children. Guilt is not good, because that is what brings us down not only in just surrending to these bad thoughts, but also we fall in many other things such as emotions etc. But it is good to recognise your mistkaes, and have the desire to fix them, or learn from them, because the fact that we are all alive now is amazing. Jesus new that it would be tought for us and he warned us to be prepared, so never be afraid, because all we need to do now is simply push forwards, and fight. Even the saints struggled witht the same things as us, notice that in their stories it tends to say that they struggled to heaven. Everybody has their weaknesses and obstacles to fight against, never forget that. I know it is so hard, all I use to have in my head were just bad, dirty sexual thoughts. I don’t need to say why because know matter what, I did have the choice to say NO!!! to these thoughts, but I didn’t which is why I do feel quite ashamed, but I have a learnt that this won’t help, if I really have the will be rid of these thoughts, I must act.

  16. Recovering Addict

    It was just wonderful to find this useful and resourceful site!!! I too have been struggling against porn addiction for a long time. I found these pages providing knowledge I agree with. It has been an eternal struggle against addiction before I realized that my struggle was in itself sustaining my addiction. It was a struggle devoid of optimistic belief in my capacity to recover. I thank you sharing and further strengthening my knowledge I arrived at after a long long time. I am well aware about my vulnerability and I wish to be in positive active activity against addiction, weather it be sharing with other addicts of learning more from others like me. Thank you.

  17. not the only addict here..thank god

    Reading all your posts brings me comfort. I have been struggling with porn addiction, masterbation addiction and a lingerie fetish since I was 13 years old. I am now 33. I have no way of knowing how much money and pain this addiction has cost me. Between, buying porn, signing up for pay sites, buying huge collections of lingerie only to destroy them, strippers, and my latest vice…. Cam girls, I have spent a small fortune. I have to be into tens of thousands of dollars, this makes me sick. It is no longer the images for me that are the addiction, its the escape into a world where I control what happens next. (My release).

    I have lied and am still lying to everyone who is important to me. It has caused me the loss of a marriage, (by not allowing myself to be completely open with her, I pushed her into the arms of another man). I am letting this cycle continue, and if I do, the same thing will happen again. You can only lie so much before you start getting caught.
    I lead a very normal life, but when I am alone, my mind always wonders to this. Up until this very moment, ( I was looking at porn before visiting this site). I have not had the strength to. Avoid temptation.
    This is a horrible addiction. I am going to seek the help of the lord and the knowledge of this website and I will prevail. I will get my life back, or should I say I will find life, as this has been my life for 20 years. It is time to find a new one

  18. All thing work for the good of those who love god and that god will use our weaknessess to make us stronger. Keep your faith in God and never lose hope. Always remember that God is there and he is there for you.I will be praying for all of you. Be strong.Cant offer any advice but always depend on God

    Your brother in Christ,

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