Don’t Get Angry at Your Weaknesses

Let’s get something straight, we all have weaknesses. So why do we get mad at our weaknesses? I used to get irritated any time I felt vulnerable to temptation. I worked so hard to control my thoughts that I was trying to be something other than human. Human beings have feelings and weaknesses. I was wrong in my thought that so long as I had weaknesses I was doing bad. I really had to change the way I looked at things before I could appreciate feelings and urges of the body.

Over time I have learned that the body is a wonderful creation and brings much joy and happiness when used properly. Misusing it can bring misery. When I was struggling with pornography and other addictions I really didn’t understand this. I just wanted to stop having feelings. I really thought the solution would be some type of drug that would just take sexual urges away. I did a lot of research in this area and learned a lot about the body. I even tried a few herbs to see if I could curb my sex drive. Well, there were noticeable effects but I also had the side effect of depression. I could see that interfering with the body’s reward system certainly had negative side effects.

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Today I don’t try to avoid or get angry at the urges of the body. In fact, if I see a beautiful woman walking down the street and it makes me feel good I just say to myself, “That’s great, she is beautiful, my body must be working properly.” Then I quickly move on in my thoughts to something else. See, its ok to feel good and attracted to the opposite sex. You’re supposed to be. But unless it is your wife you need not dwell on these thoughts. By the way, the longer you abstain from pornography or masturbation, the more sensitive you will become to beauty. This is great, it means your body is returning back to normal.

Remember, getting mad because you are vulnerable to temptation or have a weakness is counterproductive. These negative feelings will fuel the fire of porn addiction. The quicker you accept and adapt to your weaknesses the better. Having to set boundaries and live life to avoid people or situations you know you would be weak around is nothing to be ashamed of. You’re doing what most people are not willing to do. Weakness, if you work to be better, will ultimately make you stronger in character than you were before. Take joy in the fact that you recognize your weaknesses and your body still works. See this as an opportunity to learn and grow and you will.

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