Did You Have a Bad Day?

So today or yesterday wasn’t such a good day. You looked at some pornography or masturbated or both and now you feel discouraged and depressed. What now? What do you do when you feel like you’ve tried everything. After all, if the new idea or new technique worked you would not had made a mistake right? Wrong, you are human and have weaknesses. This is not the time to give up or wallow in self pite playing the victim. Besides, your future is spotless, is it not. You still have unlimited potential that you have yet to experience. So how can you snap out of this mood of depression and get back on track and still have hope of escaping a porn addiction ?

First of all, you are dead and still have life ahead of you. Though you made a mistake your addiction is not in complete control of your future otherwise there would be no hope. But there is hope. This is not a “You can do it” speech, this is logic. Right now you are alive and still have the ability to choose.

So how are you going to respond to this slip-up, mistake, set-back or whatever you want to call it? Are you going to look at this as an opportunity to do better or are you going to choose to stay down and in feelings of defeat? It’s moments like these that determine or build your character. It’s not the mistakes but the decisions we make when make the mistakes that build character. You’ve fallen off the horse again, so are you going to get back on and try again or what? Oh, you’ve fallen off the horse hundreds or even thousands of time before. Are you saying you lack the ability to try again? That would be a lie and an excuse to not try again. This is the moment you determine your attitude. Decide to have a good attitude and roll with the punches as they say.

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How can you do better? Well, get a pen and some paper and write down exactly where you went wrong in your thoughts, feelings, and actions. Now write how you can improve each one of these things. We certainly don’t want to repeat a faulty plan do we? Evaluating mistakes and creating new plans will also give you more motivation as it will feel like you are learning and making progress. Constant adjustment is needed to do better. There will always be a better plan and a way out. Perhaps you had the right plan but went against it and made a mistake. Does that make the plan wrong? No, you’ve already discovered what works for you and now you just need to choose to stick to it. Maybe you got lazy and tired of working so hard to resist thoughts or actions. Well, anything worth havinf does require work. So decide right now on what you really want and don’t look back. You have the power to change you life in this very moment if you will.

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So you had a bad day. That means it’s time to pick yourself up again, readjust your thoughts and environment, and make a new plan or use an old one that already worked before. This does get easier with time as you have more consistent success. It’s when you have little, short-lived success that it seems the most difficult. Don’t give up when you are closer to success than the last time. Look at this as a learning experience and persevere. This is a war that you will not lose so long as you continue to fight.

Remember, there are so many great people in the history of this world who stood up against all odds and came out on top. If they would not have presevered through all the failures and sat-backs they would not have had such a great impact on themselves and the world. You were born to win, now let’s try again!

“Never, never, never, give up” – Winston Churchill

“Success is going from failure to failure without a loss of enthusiasm.” – Winston Churchill

Quick Ways to Regain Confidence

When you make a mistake and can be difficult to feel motivated to stand up again. There are a couple things you can do to regain hope and confidence quickly and get back on the road to recovery with a great attitude. Exercising is one way. For example, say you just looked at some pornography or masturbated, now you’re feeling low and ashamed and unsure of the future. Well, go for a run. Run a couple miles and prove to yourself you are still the one in control of your body. Your confidence will instantly be boosted after the run. I know I feel great after a run. It gives me just enough confidence to maintain a good attitude and persevere after a mistake. Of course, there are more exercises than running. I feel great doing weight training and playing sports as well. You can do any number of exercises as long as it is challenging enough as to require your mind to tell your body to keep going. This is the control you need to feel when you feel you’ve lost all control.

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Another way to regain confidence quickly and keep going is to read something inspiring. Many people will say that self-help, motivational books are just common sense and worthless. However, we are human and quickly forget common sense principals, especially when we make mistakes. Most of the time these critics don’t apply what they call “common sense principles” anyway. So read an inspiring book like “Chicken Soup for the Soul” or something similar and your mind will be quickly reminded that you do have control and you absolutely can do this.

There are a number of things you can do to regain confidence and these are only two. You could call a friend or just get out of the house and go do something. Find what works for you and do it.

2 thoughts on “Did You Have a Bad Day?”

  1. I just had a relaspe last night. It lasted until around 3:00 this morning. I have pulled every trick out of my hat that I can think of combatting this inclination. At work I asked to be transferred to our Main Branch (a more public setting) in order to discourage myself from viewing pornography, and even as I write I’m trying to change jobs altogether for the same reason. Up till last night I had done ok for last two or three weeks. I cannot describe how discouraged I feel right now. I feel a total failure. Thank you for such a heartening article.

  2. This really is true… I’m 26 I’ve had many relapses but they seem to get more and more separated in terms of time, 1 week..12 days.. 3 weeks sometimes 1 or 2 months, and it is been a year and a half since I seriously decided to get rid of this. And I feel I’m winning. But a failure, does hurt. Anyway as you say “I will roll with these punches”. I have no other choice, but victory.

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