Dealing With the Stresses of Life to Avoid Addiction

I was listening to the news today and started to ponder a bit. The news is never too good of course, that’s not what brings in the money. The news is in the business of entertainment and not necessarily concerned with keeping you informed, though that’s how they defend their position. Anyway, I started to realize how sad the news was and how difficult it can be to live in the world if your reference is the news.

Yes the world can be stressful and often the news makes it more stressful than it really is.  Yet many of us choose to use the news as a true reference to how how life really is. Why am I talking about this on a sexual addiction  site? Well, addicts in general are usually looking for escape from reality as they know it. How you reference reality is up to you. Life is not as bad as the people trying to make money make it seem. Actually life is great and full of opportunities to experience joy and happiness. Yes there are upsets but the positives far outweigh those upsets. Remember, the news doesn’t make money by focusing on the positive. They make money focusing on the shocking negative things that captivate us. How in the world does this apply to porn addiction?

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Which would you rather watch, a high speed police chase ending in a crash or a mayor talking about improvements in elderly care. You see its effortless to be attracted to the most stimulating and exciting thing that catches our attention. It takes work to  appreciate the finer things in life. So will you let he idle part of you win or will you expend some effort and focus on the positive.

When it comes to dealing with the stresses of life in a healthy way you really must exercise you freedom to choose. Meaning you choose what to let into you life and what not to allow to effect you. When you realize this control you have and actually use it to only focus on and allow positive things in your life influence you it is quite empowering. This does not mean nothing negative will happen. It does mean you will notice a “positive” difference in your life. Believe or not you are in control. Sometime, like all of us, you choose not to maintain control but instead  let the  world control you. There comes a time when you have to wake up and come to the realization that you are, in fact, in control.

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When you relearn this personal control you are in a position to properly deal with the stresses of life instead of turning to addictive activities. The proper way is to be in control of your thoughts and attitude and let the negative things roll off your back like water off a duck, so to speak. With a good attitude, which you decide to have, you don’t sweat the small stuff. However, don’t let anyone, especially the media, steal you good attitude, because they will do anything and say anything to make money without care for your  personal well being.

3 thoughts on “Dealing With the Stresses of Life to Avoid Addiction”

  1. thank you your help jhas worked for the time being but i get the erge every so often that i find hard to control so i need more help please email me back if you care

  2. This is a great article.

    I strongly agree with the statement that it is effortless to be attracted to the most stimulating and exciting things that catches our attention. This is a manifestation of indolence of the spirit which is perhaps the greatest affliction of mankind today. The creative part of us, i.e. the spirit, is asleep in a lethargic stupor.

    It certainly requires effort to create things of lasting value (spiritual works) and thereby become the “actors” in the stage of life rather than to passively sit back and be entertained. This effort, however is what our spirit needs to develop and grow strong.

    I wish you the strenght and resources needed to keep up the good work you’re doing on this site.

    Best regards.

  3. Very good article.

    It’s easy to sit back and relax and give up control over your thoughts when you feel like you’re snowed under with life’s stressors. That environment is like a greenhouse for growing an addiction.

    Relinquishing control of your mind is the single worst thing you can do to yourself–it is the penultimate in self destruction, but millions of people willingly do it daily.

    Regaining it–and the responsibility that accompanies it–is a huge barrier to a vulnerable, healing mind. But it is exactly the most important thing that must be done! Until that is accomplished, the addict will relapse and struggle.

    I am in the fight of my life over my 27 year addiction. I no longer think it’s fun or funny or rewarding. I can clearly see the destruction left in its wake and I hate what I’ve done to myself. This personality flaw has caused me to have bad relationships all the way around.

    I am now truly walking with God and He’s empowering me to fight the good fight. And that means I can’t sit back and let the enemy attack me like he did every time I got online and sought out the porn.

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