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I have used and tested many different Internet filters and have come to the conclusion that most fall short of being a reliable way to protect yourself from exposure to pornography. There are many different ways to filter content but there is no 100% full proof method. Depending on the degree of your pornography addiction or weakness you may need to do more than just have a filter on your computer. You may need to get rid of access to the Internet or share part of the computer’s password with a spouse so you only use it when they are around. I would recommend monitoring software before I would filtering software. It is even better if you have a program that does both monitoring and filtering.

Best Internet Monitoring and Filter Software in One

Like I said before I really feel an Internet monitoring software is better than a filter. The reason for this is when you set this program up to monitor your internet activity it will send daily or weekly reports to whoever you have setup to receive these. So you can have your parents, friends, religious leaders, or whoever get these reports. This is quite the deterrent when you’re surfing the net because if you did decide to look at something bad then that person would confront you. This takes away the secrecy from the bad habit.

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The best monitoring and filtering software in one I’ve come across is called Covenant Eyes. The great thing about this software is you can’t uninstall it without your partners receiving an email saying you just uninstalled it. That is quite the deterrent. I’ve personally talked with this company on the phone about their vision for the company and they really understand porn addiction .

The filter part of this software assigns a score to all websites. So even if it is a new website it will be blocked according to your chosen settings. That’s awesome since most filters I’ve come across let new websites slip through. This feature takes away that worry.

A filter protects against accidental exposure while the monitoring will make you accountable for your surfing activities.

Give this software a try and see if it is a big enough deterrent for you. Like I said before, if your problem is serious enough then you need to get rid of the computer or internet. It’s a sacrifice but it will be worth it in the long run.

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  3. Thanks for the advice. Porn addiction is an epidemic and I think that there are few people who understand the disastrous consequences which are involved with it. I am going to check into this Covenant Eyes software and have a trusted friend help me to set it up. The monitoring and filtering will, I hope, help me to be more successful in combating this

  4. I haven’t tried covenant eyes, but I have just downloaded a free internet program call K9. this internet filter has worked like a charm. it’s free, you can choose your settings and it’s almost impossible get around. I suggest remembering your password for about a week. (so that you can include non pornagraphic sites such as youtube and other viral video sites that may be otherwise blocked into the “website exceptions” que.) then have a friend change your password or look away while randomly hitting keys as your new password like I did. It really has helped alot!! my job requires me to be on the internet all the time…

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