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Quest for the Perfect Environment to Escape Addiction

I have a lot of funny stories to tell about my journey to overcome bad habits and addiction. I tried so many different approaches, some very creative, some extreme. What can I say, a person who is desperate to change will try just about anything. I brainstormed for just about every solution I could come …

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Run Until Your Addiction is Gone

There was a time when I didn’t have an ounce of confidence in my own abilities. To me it seemed I couldn’t escape a life of porn addiction  so why would I be able to do anything else. I was at rock-bottom. Usually this is the point that motivates people to change.

Looking for Happiness in all the Wrong Places

True happiness stems from thoughts and emotions not circumstances. This was so difficult for me to learn. I always thought that I needed more money or a better car or the right people to be around. True happiness always seemed allusive to me and I felt like a victim of my circumstances.

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