3 Keys to Overcome Porn Addiction  
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Porn Addiction
Masturbation Addiction
Sexual Addiction

Porn Addiction

Porn addiction is one of the most difficult addictions to overcome. Millions of people around the world struggle with overcoming this powerful vice once they acknowledge they have a problem. Its been compared to cocaine addiction because of similar neurochemical activity in the brain.

Masturbation Addiction

Some people struggle with a masturbation addiction as well as porn addiction. Masturbating and reaching climax only strengthens your addiction to porn more. If you only struggle with only masturbation addiction then you still have a chemical dependency on the brains neurochemicals. You brain does not see the difference between healthy sex with your spouse and releasing the chemicals yourself. So you become addicted to the easiest way to release the chemicals which is alone and doing the act far too often in some cases.

How to Overcome These Addictions

Many people reach a point where they need outside assistance to overcome these addictions. The only problem is not everyone has access to someone who can help nor do they want anyone to know they have this problem. Of course I have a strong preference when it comes to recovery programs. The program I found to work the best is completely online and anonymous. To get started just subscribe for free to the form above or read the review I wrote on the program.

Signs That You or Someone You Know is Addicted

1. You or the person you know is not being as social as they used to be.

Porn turns us inward and makes us feel emotionally low. We lose motivation and become less social.

2. Healthy sex has become less interesting

It can be difficult to be as turned on with normal healthy sex if you have been over-stimulating yourself with porn.

3. You start needing sex to be more rough or perverse

Porn objectifies and is not about “making love”. Normal sex becomes boring and disconnected. You need something new and more stimulating, always progressing in perverseness.

4. You seem distant and disconnected with others

Porn makes us feel uncomfortable with healthy emotionally connected relationships. We may even feel like we’re bad people and no one would want to talk to us.

5. You feel irritable all the time.

Porn does not make us happy people and when we’re not happy we are irritable and complain about everything.

6. You’re not only lying more but you’re always accusing your partner of things

We treat people like we’re treating ourselves. So if we’re constantly hiding things and feeling guilty then we will treat people in a very defensive manner.

7. You’re on the computer all the time and demand privacy

Other than private work matters there are few reasons to be so private about internet use.

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