I’ve read a lot of self-help books. In desperation to understand my addictions and figure out how to stop I searched for the perfect book that would fix everything for me. I thought I could find the book that would tell me the secret and everything would quickly be all better. Well, though I did gain much essential knowledge, it turns out there was no secret but only knowledge I had forgotten or had never learned. I am very glad I did read all those books. On the journey to recovery I felt like I was devinely led to certain books written by inspired authors. Here is a list of the 10 best books I read.

1. “Book of Mormon” – Without exception, this book gave me more hope and strength and understanding than any other book. You certainly don’t have to be Mormon to read the Book of Mormon.

2. ” The Drug of the New Millennium–The Brain Science Behind Internet Pornography Use” – The Science of How Internet Pornography Radically Alters the Human Brain and Body. Author: Mark B. Kastleman. Best book I’ve read explaining every detail of how pornography addiction is created in a person.

3. “Wanting More: Challenge of Enjoyment in the Age of Addiction” – Written by Mark Chamberlain, this book really helped me understand the dangers of desensitization and how pornography is effecting our society as a whole.

4. “The Power of Positive Thinking” – By Norman Vincent Peale. It showed me there really was power in positive thinking. I gained a great faith and understanding of my personal powers through the principles in this book.

5. “The Truth Behind the Fantasy of Porn” – This is written by former porn star Shelley Lubben. This book really helped me see porn in a totally different way that made it a lot less exciting. I will give you a heads up if you decide to read the book, the last several chapters speak of her religious beliefs that myself and many may not completely agree with. That’s ok I just focused on what did help me and that was the majority of the first chapters of the book. Click here for the book.

6. “Unlimited Power” – By Anthony Robbins. The main thing I took away from this book was specific techniques used to change my thoughts and emotions. If this is a skill you are lacking then this may be the book for you.

7. “Lessons in Mastery” – Also by Anthony Robbins. This concentrated more on controlling emotions and attitude but it was similar to the principles taught in “Unlimited Power”. I would recommend this one on CD

8. Toolstolife.com – Developed by Devlyn Steele. This is not a book but it contains enough content to be a book. This is a day by day program to set goals and overcome bad habits. I would highly recommend it to anyone with any bad habit.

9. “He Did Deliver Me From Bondage” – By Colleen Harrison. This is a book modeled after the original 12 step program but with Book of Mormon principles.

10. “Conquering Your Own Goliaths” – By Steven A. Cramer. Teaches how to conquer the goliath of addiction just as David conquered Goliath in Biblical times. Great Book!!

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