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runnerThere was a time when I didn’t have an ounce of confidence in my own abilities. To me it seemed I couldn’t escape a life of porn addiction  so why would I be able to do anything else. I was at rock-bottom. Usually this is the point that motivates people to change. The point where they themselves become so frustrated that they can’t take it anymore and decide to change. Well, I had hit that point several times and lingered.

There was a time, however, I particularly remember in which I took more action than ever before personally. I decided I was so fed up with my life that I was going to run it out, literally. So I decided to start running every morning for 21 days(I just chose a good number) and abstain from my bad habits at the same time.

Before I go any further I should explain something; I HATE running with a passion!! I don’t know why, but I just can’t stand to run. Sprinting for short distances, ok; running for a mile or more, not a fan at all. However, whenever I do run, I feel great afterwards for making myself do it. It makes me confident and feel good physically.

So, back to my goal. In addition to running I would write in my journal every morning when the run was complete and write out what I learned about myself. It’s very interesting what physical activity can teach you about your character. For example, I noticed I would start my run out too fast in the beginning and not have enough energy to make a good finish. I could see this paralleled other things in my life in which I make a great effort in the beginning but don’t endure very well. Endurance was a another thing I learned about. Addictions have strong physical urges that are difficult not to give into. I had the physical urge to stop running after going so far. This helped me a great deal in learning how to endure urges.

I will never forget this great learning experience. After I completed my goal I felt like I could do anything. That was the success I needed to motivate me to continue making progress. I tasted a sample of freedom and I wanted more.

Of course, everyone has different experiences with different things but I think we can agree that learning how to endure physical urges can be beneficial for anyone. Running was difficult for me so I learned a great deal from making myself do it. It was quite liberating.

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