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frustrated.jpgMasturbation addiction is probably one of the most misunderstood of all addictions. There are many who passionately argue that it is not an addiction but a perfectly healthy act to do whenever you please. Then there are those who are addicted and cannot stop and know that it is not good but have instead lost control of their life. There are many health professionals who endorse masturbation and quote a list of supposed benefits. Also, many parents encourage masturbation in place of teenage sex. In fact, it seems the only part of society that discourages masturbation is certain religions and addiction recovery groups. The rest of society just isn’t sure what to make of it. Since you are reading this you are probably confused yourself. I hope to clarify for you the mental and physical consequences of masturbation, especially if it has become an addiction for you. Keep in mind that porn addiction is closely related to masturbation addiction in terms of bodily processes.

Mental Consequences of Masturbation

The body is an amazing thing if used correctly. We can make choices and have feelings we could never have without the body. Your mood and level of happiness are directly effected by how you treat your body. When a person is addicted to masturbation it has a direct effect on their mental health. First of all, when we lack control in any area of our life we are not as happy as we could be if we were in control of that area. This is especially true with masturbation.

Everyone instinctively feels bad when they misuse the body. Some people choose to ignore these feelings and pretend to be happy when they actually are not since they lack inner peace. Masturbation addiction is the opposite of self-control and instead your body controls you. When ever your body feels an urge you feel like you have no choice but to do what it wants. This feels enslaving and saps your confidence and your ability to control your life in many aspects. When we set out to do a certain thing or accomplish a specific goal, this gives us confidence in our ability to control our bodies. When we masturbate, confidence is all but gone.

Emotionally, masturbation is devastating. Our bodies were meant to be used for a good purpose and to teahc us important lessons so that our character would increase in strength. We were meant to be in control of our bodies and our destinies, not the other way around. We become strong and confident by controlling the body. When we are single that is exactly what we are supposed to do. The most confident and successful people in the world are those who have learned self-control.

When we are married we use our bodies to create a bond of love with deep feelings of care for the other person. It is an act of sharing your feelings for the other person and it produces a union that is never experienced by the lone masturbator. The single person should be in control of their body and life before getting into a marriage otherwise the outcome of the marriage can easily be predicted. Masturbation is an act that makes a person selfish since there is no bond of love and kindness being created. The single person should be in control and be confident as they maintain a hope to create a bond of love with someone in the future. There is nothing more beautiful than two people in control of their bodies and their lives coming together in marriage. That is the marriage that will most likely succeed. Two confident people making a confident marriage.

Life involves relationships whether dating, at work, business, or just having fun. When a person masturbates, the ability to create and maintain relationships is hindered. Masturbation makes us more reserved and turns us inward to be concerned mostly with pleasing ourselves. Relationships are about caring for others and this is hard to do when we are being so selfish in private. Masturbation can cause us to be less outgoing and and we may isolate ourselves from others in shame. We may feel uncomfortable in crowds because we lack the confidence to conduct ourselves in a healthy social way. It can effect our dating relationships and put too much weight on the physcial part of the relationship and ignore the friendship that should be devoloping.

Physical Effects of Masturbation

I find it odd that so many health professionals promote masturbation when it has so many negative effects. The usual argument is that as long as you don’t do it too frequently then it is perfectly healthy. There are a couple of problems with this idea. First, what is too frequent? There are many numbers thrown around out there from several times a day to several times a week. Know one knows exactly. The other problem and the biggest is once you have started it is difficult to stop and keep the frequency low. There are a couple of reasons it is difficult to keep the frequency low. For one people usually masturbate to relax and escape the stresses of life. Well, life is stressful almost every day and eventually you find yourself masturbating to smaller stresses like the alcoholic drinking for any reason at all.

The other reason it is difficult to keep the frequency low is because the body was not made for masturbation. What I mean by that is there are different chemical reactions happening when you masturbate as opposed to having healthy sex in a marriage. A lot of what is going on during and after these acts originates in the pituitary gland. Two main hormones are interacting and regulating each other. These are the dopamine and prolactin hormones. Dopamine makes us feel excited and prolactin makes us feel relaxed. When a person reaches climax after arousal the body knows to release prolactin to suppress the dopamine so we will feel relaxed and satisfied. In marriage this is accompanied with many emotions of love and so the satisfied feeling is multiplied and you become bonded to your spouse physically and emotionally.

Over 400% more prolactin is released at climax when engaged in healthy sex with a loved one than when one masturbates. So What does that mean? That means that the person who masturbates is no where near as satisfied and definitely not bonded in love as they would be in a healthy normal marriage. In fact, the person who masturbates has no idea what they are missing out on but instead have sort of a pseudo miserable bond with fantasies that are ever changing and progressing in order to keep the person somewhat satisfied. The person who masturbates will continue to be excited by the unregulated levels of dopamine. They make feel a little relaxed but the arousal returns quickly and they must masturbate again in order to feel relaxed again. So with a shorter period of relaxation the person must masturbate more frequently to try to reach the equivalent level of relaxation they would have in a healthy marriage. They will never reach this level of satisfaction.

In this uncontrolled and unhappy state the person is definitely not even ready to experience a marriage since they have no self-control and would bring their warped sense of love into the marriage. Remember, true love involves self-control.

In conclusion, no good comes from masturbation. Those who promote it either have never dealt with the problem or have just created an opinion with little knowledge of the negative effects.

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