Ok, so there is no way to erase thoughts other than perhaps amnesia. However, there is a way to not think of certain things, especially lustful things. It’s actually surprisingly simple since you are the master of your mind.

I learned this technique from a friend who was struggling with the same thing. He said this, “What works best is just not thinking of porn. Not only that but also not thinking about ‘not thinking about it’. I know this sounds too simple but trust me it works 100% of the time.”

I was skeptical. He was right, it did sound too simple and I tried everything and thought I had already tried this idea as well. The problem was I never really applied this method effectively. I was so obsessed with conquering my addictions that that was all I ever thought about. If you’re religious I should mention that the Devil loves this tool. It seems like it’s not from him since it appears like a great thing to be thinking about stopping an addiction. However, stopping an addiction starts in the mind. Whatever controls your attention controls your life.

The key to proper implementation of this method is to remember that even thinking about not thinking about something is still in effect thinking about it. Ironic huh. Anyway, the goal is to think about something completely different whenever a momentary thought of the undesirable things enter your mind. This is not easy unless you have prepared beforehand with something at least almost as interesting as the addictive thoughts. You need something that will quickly take your mental attention off the sexually stimulating things and keep it off long enough for the wave of temptation to pass.

I will give you an example. I’m sort of an entrepreneur and love to think of new business ideas. That doesn’t mean I implement any of them. I just love to think about them and also talk to people about them. This is one of the only things that excite me as much if not more sometimes than thinking about lustful things. So in the event that I’m driving along and see a beautiful girl I will immediately shift my thoughts to some of my business ideas and keep it there. I’ll be honest; if I tried to apply this method by thinking about NASCAR then it wouldn’t work because that just doesn’t excite me.

Whatever excites you in life, other than your vices, will become very helpful tools in you escape from addiction. Think of your hobbies or passions. Sometimes you may have to discover a new hobby or passion. I did this. I started experimenting with new hobbies and just trying things out to see what I liked. You’ll be surprised at the things you didn’t realize you would like.

Something to remember is you have more mental power then you probably believe you have right now. One of the goals of addiction, or the devil, is to cause you to believe you no longer have this power. The doubt and depression certainly don’t contribute to self confidence. However, you can climb out of this mental dark abyss and feel free again. It will just take more mental muscle than if you were already practicing self mastery. It’s not as hard as it seems or “someone” would have you believe though.

Lastly, one more thing you should know, a thought entering your mind does not mean you have already given into a thought and you’ve done bad. That’s not true at all. Everybody, and I mean everybody, has bad thoughts enter their mind on a daily basis. What’s important is how you handle those thoughts, which is the purpose of this article. If you choose to dwell on that thought then yes that is bad but if you choose to control your mind and switch to another thought quickly then you have done well. Never get down on yourself though if you don’t apply this method well at first. It takes practice, somethimes a lot of practice which means a lot of learning from mistakes.

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