Dangers of Delaying Addiction Recovery

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Have you noticed how addiction progressively takes away everything good in your life? Well, let me tell you, it does unitl you are no longer the master of your life much less your destiny. You could be the most talented and productive person but addiction will absolutely make you the opposite over time. You could be a great husband, father, boyfriend, or whatever, yet if you fall into addiction you can become the worst in all these categories. That’s one reason why its so important to stop the destructive cycle and change starting now.

It may be tempting to delay changing. Some say, “I’ll start next week” or “I will wait and make a new years resolution”. These are dangerous ideas. I will admit I fooled myself with these same ideas at one time. I thought, “oh I’ll just do this for now until I’m ready to stop.” That only made it more difficult to stop. You see you lose power to start changing when you delay. Your resolve and motivation declines with every minute you delay the decision to change.

Applying this to porn addiction was even more dangerous. I would decide to look at filth until I was tired of looking at it and then would think, “Ok I’ll start being good now.” The problem with that idea is just because I was tired of looking at filth didn’t mean I was more powerful to change. Really I just became so desensitized and physically spent that my body needed a break. Then when I would start to be good and start to recover, I was over-sensitive to anything and everything because my body was still in rapid sexual recovery mode from the recent over-stimulations I put it through. So though I would have a few days of success it was short lived because I foolishly delayed stopping the last time. So the cycle would repeat itself over and over.

The longer you wait the more difficult it is for the body to unlearn the what you are teaching it to do. Unless its been months or years then you are probably going to return to the same level of viewing you ended at the last time. The problem is each time you repeat the cycle you progress, whether slowly or quickly, in the level of pornography you view. So its always getting worse in some, perhaps subtle, way. The further along you progress the more difficult it will be to change.

Also, the further along you are in addiciton the more you lose your edge on everything in life, whether it be business, school, work, hobbies,health, talents, or relationships. Most people don’t believe they’ll lose everything from this addiction until it actually happens. Avoid that unnecessary pain and start working today to overcome this destructive habit. Stand up and have courage to change. Don’t let your pride make you think you are the exception and that somehow you won’t experience the same consequences because you will.

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