Addiction and Sex

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It’s nothing new these days to associate addiction with sex. It was before thought of as a figment of the imagination but people in general are starting to understand it is actually real. There are powerful biochemical processes that people simply cannot ignore. Sex and addiction are certainly related so far as sex is misused.

Sexual addiction is an often misunderstood term as most people assume it means someone who is addicted to having sex with others. While this is true it is not the complete definition. Sexual addiction is any kind of addiction pertaining to the sexual organs. Arguments against this seek to narrow a broad definition for reasons that do not help those seeking to understand sexual addiction in general.

I wrote a post some time ago called “Your Body has been Hijacked by Addiction” and the main purpose was to point out the powerful effects of misuse of sexual organs and bodily processes. I can call it misuse for several reasons but I will concentrate solely on the loss of personal control as evidence of unnatural habit.

Sex is powerful for a reason. It is not the reason most think. If you break it down into simple scientific and logical elements it is easy to see the sequence of necessary events in the body’s arousal process. We can of course CHOOSE to be “turned on” by anything. However, the natural born instincts tell us to be attracted to the opposite sex. The reason for this is two fold, recreate and bond.

Let’s concentrate on the bond part. If you misuse the body’s sexual processes you can bond to just about anything. You can bond to an imaginary world or porn, or you can bond to same sex, or you can bond to yourself through masturbation. None of this will ever feel consistently satisfying and you will always need constant stimulation. People in various stages of bonding, or rather addiction, may argue against this in defense.

You see, there is nothing more satisfying than doing what is right. Nothing makes you feel more content, secure, or satisfied. We all know what is right.

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